Thursday, June 27, 2013

Things you should be reading

  • That they dismissed the ban on Prop 8 !
  • This article about misogyny in music (particularly the rape anthem "Blurred Lines."  I know, I like it too! So catchy and a great summer dance tune, but the lyrics are rotten and that music video...oh boy, the feminists are a-ragin')
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel.  I'm listening to it free at work (check Spotify! YouTube! Audible! It is available if you don't have the time to get the actual book) and it is so good.
    I read it years and years ago and enjoyed it, and it inspired the stories of Zorro and Batman.
    The Pimpernel is the original costumed crime-fighter and boy is he a hootenanny. See above video for an idea of how badass the Scarlet Pimp truly is.
    Read more about the tale and its significance here.
  • About screaming in the Texas Filibuster
  • My best friend's blog.  Life with medical issues for a young woman in Plymouth, England.
    Full of GIFs and hilarity, but also fabulous writing and philosophical posts that are short and sweet so you can get a snippet in over your morning cuppa.
  • The 1966 article on Frank Sinatra written in the early days of New Journalism.
  • About your rights at Flex Your Rights. Dispels common myths and answers all kinds of questions like what to do if the cops arrive at your door, what your rights are at checkpoints on the road, in dorms, and various other situations.  Good to know, just in case!
  • This isn't a read so much as a scroll but it is cute and actually has some neat tips.
  • Maybe everything on this website that covers all kind of abandoned places in the United States.  It is fascinating--the images will shock and thrill your imagination, and the writer has done wonderful research in order to present histories on the background of each site.
  • This original article from The New Yorker about Ted Williams' last game. And how it framed his entire career. Did I mention John Updike wrote it?
    And in this format you can scroll through this 1960 mag and see the old ads and articles. Fabbity rabbity.

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