Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hi Ho Daddy Oh !!

Love this song and the video is even better!! If only we could all run around Mexican grocery stores dressed as greasers and boogie our asses off with strangers unselfconsciously in the midday.
Make sure you watch it until the end.

On the subject of dancing awesomeness... My two favorite dances of all time are the Charleston and the Jitterbug, neither of which I know how to dance. No matter how much I practice the Charleston I simply can't get my foot to twist pigeon-toed and go behind and then in front--I need my brain to shut down because it perceives this move as unnatural and I simply can't do it! Maybe the secret is drinking a few French 75s and dressing like a flapper, a theory I have yet to test.

My other favorite dance and favorite version (because it is from I Love Lucy):

In conclusion: We should bring dancing back as a kickass pastime. Now please.

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