Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grand Old Insanity

I was in Vegas for New Years and my body and brain are still recovering, so for now I'll keep it short and sweet. Today Iowa is holding her state caucuses and with the Republican race going the way it is (some of the candidates are really crack-ass crazy!) I figured I'd take a little humorous nip of it! At this point, with so many candidates showcasing their ignorance and racism, can we do anything but laugh? I figure it is better and cheaper than panicking. 

DUMBASS! The new Bush.

 DUMBASS squared! I don't think she knows where Iran is, or what a libertarian is. And her homophobia is the cherry on top.

Some fantastic cartoons:
So true--we're not even there yet and they're beating the life out of one another!

Love Huntsman!! ha

The creme de la creme of this whole deal has been SNL's debate spoofs! Check out Alec Baldwin as Rick Perry. Wunderbar!

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