Friday, January 20, 2012

Lortab Fulminations

Yesterday I had an abscess excised. It was on my scar tissue in my mouth and was infected, so VERY painful!! The doctor left a stitch in from the last surgery and it led to this. Thanks egghead. It was disgusting and excrutiating to remove (not to mention he nicked a nerve while giving me the shot), so now I'm lying around taking Lortab for it, which means I get sluggish and fall asleep mid-sentence, and then get manic bursts of energy and start cleaning the house rapidly (which consists of me throwing shit in closets, under bureaus, anywhere it shouldn't go).

Here are some things that have made my day brighter:

I know this isn't that funny, but when you're on a good dosage of Lortab it's god damn hysterical!

I've always loved Jenna Marbles--girl has a badass sense of humor and isn't afraid to act ridiculous--and this video just affirms that we could be best friends. It's funny (duh) but also an ironic commentary on dude expectations versus chicks. We're sick of being told to flaunt it, shake it, drop it, suck it, et cetera. Now it's your turn!

The fact that this lovely British lady is coming to visit in....well she told me the exact number of days but I know it is around 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She will be living with me and the hubby for 2 weeks! She is a best friend, my ladybird, and I talk to her (via FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, texting, snail mail) more than pals that even live in the U.S. We have many adventures and I can't wait to see what we'll cook up while she is in the City of Salt !

Now it is time for my next dose of Lortab and a little cleaning frenzy.  ta!

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