Thursday, November 29, 2012

Looking Forward! +Crazy Bosses, Frightened Red Pandas, and Partial Temporary Deafness

I am looking forward to next week. Why?
Because I start my new job!
I have never been so excited to begin employment at a new company,
and this is partially because I am thrilled to get out of the apartment and feel productive (I have a drive to work, and feel lazy when I don't), and mostly because this is a great company and I already know quite a few people that work there.

That is how I got in--- Eli already works there in IT, and through him we made new friends with a great group of people within the company and have done the Devil Dash with some of them, gone to Vegas, and had some epic shindigs.
These are good people.  And when I felt ready to go back to work after the crazy, hellish, therapeutic summer I've had, they passed my resume around, and voila!

It is a mortgage company and I'll be in the Centralized Disclosure department.  I already know two of the girls in that department and they're sweethearts, and I'll be working under a woman.  I interviewed with her and really like her, especially in comparison to the two crazy ass male bosses I've had in the past.
The first one was a cranky British jerk that openly hated me because of my blonde hair, yet put my desk IN HIS OFFICE 2 feet away from his own and made me work in there for weeks for no good reason.  Creep.
The second was a wealthy eccentric old dog with Alzheimer's. It was like The Devil Wears Prada (remember those posts about me ordering his Hermes ties and him asking me to put his eyedrops in?).
That was a bundle of laughs.  Especially when I was told that I wasn't fulfilling his needs... Yes, those needs.  The sexual kind.  Ew.

So give me a female boss any day!!! I've gotten along nicely with my women bosses in the past, so this bodes well for me!

The only hitch in my getalong is that on Tuesday, when I was reclining in my bubble bath humming Bing Crosby songs, I got some water in my left ear.  Which is nothing new.
I don't know why my left ear has a bigger canal that is apparently misshapen and downright stupid, but I have had a myriad of problems with it, and had to see an ENT for it before.
The only useful thing he did was tell me that chemotherapy screws with the cilia (tiny hairs) in your ears and if you have chemo when you are young (like me), it can cause most of them to fall out, which can give you problems.  One of these, which I struggle with, is that earwax doesn't get caught in them and dissipate like it should, so I get pebbles of wax that get wedged in there deep.
Sorry, that sounds kind of disturbing and gross, but at least it's ear wax and not hemorrhoids or something.

So I've had water in there before, but it usually comes out after a few hours and me vigorously shaking my head like I'm at a Metallica concert.
Not this time!  It is still in there, stuck tight, and so much so that I can't hear at all out of that ear and it huuuuuurts.  I've tried putting in vinegar and alcohol to dry it out, tried swimmer's ear drops and natural drops, ear candles and even putting my head back in the water to try to flush it out.  I even did that trick where you create a vacuum with the palm of your hand and that was too painful to continue.
I'm hoping I won't have to see an ENT for it again,
but more than that I'm hoping it gets better before my first day.
Because I don't want to miss crucial instructions or have to turn my head strangely for hear people and say "I'm not usually half deaf, trust me!  No, I don't have a disability.  Don't tell HR."

So here's praying it spontaneously drains out!

And in celebration of my last 2 days of having free time (if you discount cleaning, organizing, cooking, and working on Christmas gifts), here are some GIFs that I've enjoyed!
Yes, quite a few of them have to do with animals, but there's a great zombie one thrown in there too!
Remember, for some reason on this blog if the GIF isn't moving, scroll over it.
Yes, I'm looking to relocate my blog, but I'm not as savvy at this stuff as I'd have you believe, and let's be honest, I'm too lazy.

I'm going to start with my favorite--The look of horror on the red panda's face looks so human!

Love this brave little bird taking on a bear! GO CHICKLET!

Hahaha! Talk about watch dog...

The longest bowling strike ever?! Well done! Totally something my friends and I would try.

This is some kind of Japanese mesh marching, and it is mind-blowing!

WOAH.  Fat, yet graceful.




  1. Hi! I can see the fact that you really understand what you are writing about. Do you a degree or an education that is linked with the subject of this blog post? Can't wait to hear from you.

  2. Hello Maryann !
    Yes, I have a double degree in history and English from a liberal arts college. I've always been interested in research and writing, and have received grants/projects revolving around that.

    I currently work for a mortgage company where I get to use my research and writing skills, and I have picked up many more along the way!
    Does that answer your question?