Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I know I've been complaining a bit on here.
Forgive me.

As my best friend Torie put it, when this much shit is going on (especially the endless health problems), you get rights to grumble a bit.


I got a promotion at work.
Which is all well and good (especially considering I got it after being here only 1 week!!),
but when you consider the state of my team, this blessing is also a curse.
We have far too much estrogen here, and the drama that comes with it.

We have already had a screaming fight during a meeting, experienced silent treatments between team members, and HR is heavily involved (because of employees threatening to get lawyers).
There are racist remarks involved, secretive smoking that one gal does at her desk, and cliques.
I hate cliques.
These girls are obvious about it too-- going "would so-and-so (specifically) like to go downstairs and make tea with me?" and exclude everyone else. Then they disappear for 40 minutes to gossip.
They are not brewing tea.  I don't know any tea that steeps for 40 minutes. That tea could kill a mule.

And when I say "girls", I mean GROWN ASS WOMEN.  Older than me.  In their 30s. Some have kids that are more mature than them.  It is hell.
Whispering, name calling, and now, one woman is deleting documents.  Legal department documents.

So you see what I am dealing with.
It is enough to go on, but my health problems are giving me shit on the side.  It is a pretty terrible double whammy and I am exhausted.

I went to get my salivary gland drained yesterday--a simple procedure that I was looking forward to, so I could get rid of the painful swollen lump on my chin and hopefully ditch the head cold I have had for 1 month with it,
but the ENT specialist looked at me, inspected the lump, and said he doesn't think I even HAVE salivary glands left on that side of my jaw.
And he wants me to get a CT scan.  Woohoo.  Especially since my insurance wants me to pay at least $800 for said CT scan.  I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

This other stuff (feels like the flu, but they believe it is related to this weird jaw problem) has just gotten worse, I have a stuffed up nose, and that lovely, irritated, red rim that you get around your nostrils from too much sniffling.  It is not the best. And I've got a fever.

There, that is my BITCH BITCH BITCH for the day.

Now for the fun stuff.
The stuff that keeps me giggling through it all !

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