Thursday, January 24, 2013

Freezing Rain, Car Bombs, The Usual Craziness.

Things have been INSANE.
That's why I haven't had a chance to write.

I had a second CT scan to figure out what is going on with my jaw and - surprise !


I will write more on that later.
But obviously, this is very very bad.

And I'm not really handling it like an adult.
Last night we went down the pub with friends for some trivia and I lost my head completely.
I got trashed and had 2 Irish car bombs...on a Wednesday. Wow.

But I kept thinking "What would Elizeth Taylor do?"
And the answer... if Liz Taylor had a broken jaw, she would be down the pub doing car bombs EVERY NIGHT.
Now she was a hell of a dame.
I really miss her and Richard Burton.  Man, what a story !!!

So today I am at work hungover and exhausted, and we have some lovely freezing rain going on outside.
This morning we had to take surface streets to the office because of all the wrecks and spinouts (hoho, black ice!!) on the highway, and they actually shut parts of the highway down.
As the rain hit the windshield, it instantly froze.

A girl in my department was late because a truck cut her off and she spun out, through oncoming traffic, and into a ditch!

And we're supposed to get some snow for the drive home.  Not too fun!
The power has gone off a few times at the office because of the weather and it keeps interrupting work processes, creating more and more work (because I don't have enough already).

I just want to go home, crawl into bed with a cup of hot cider, and watch Dr. Zhivago.

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