Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting to Know Me

So here is a post with a random conglomeration of stuff about me, so you can get to know me better.
I've included some odds-and-ends photos as well !

  • When I hear the term "PR" I think not of Public Relations, oh no.
    I think of parties and Pop Rocks.  Simultaneously.
  • Drama literally gives me a headache.  Not just an expression or an annoyance, but when I am smack in the middle of some bullshit going on, I get a throbbing in my temples and nausea soon follows.  Guess I wasn't built for reality TV.
  • I love maps.  Love them.  And everything related to them.  I could stare at maps all day! Basic hand drawn maps, Google Maps, brainstorm maps, paintings that are map-like, road maps, geological maps...
    This weekend at one of my favorite local shops I found a mug that is a map of London in the most delightful colors and format (not a Tube map, but an actual map with historical sites and roads and the Thames and all).  They also had a plate with Paris mapped on it, and it had gold flakes for particularly special places (like Les Invalides).  I fell in love.  But dang, them maps on china is expensive!!
  • I enjoy painting.  Mostly acrylics and watercolor, and I wish I were better at both.  I suck at the human figure so I mostly do abstract and landscapes.  And abstract landscapes.
  • I love the term "Hipster Doofus" (bless you, Seinfeld), and use it as frequently as I can.  I feel it is particularly applicable in today's society.  Particularly when one is at the Apple store.
  • Sometimes late at night I will suddenly grab my phone, sloppily type in a poem that has come to me, save it in my notes, then fall back asleep.  I find these poems later on and don't usually remember writing them.  They aren't too terrible.
  • I love graphic Ts, but the ones I really adore are often overpriced.  For instance, this Great Gatsby T that I saw at the University of Utah bookstore last year--it has the old book cover, that one in vivid blue with the glowing eyes and that luridly bright city below.  I absolutely love it! And I had to have it but they only had XXL and it runs large anyway and as I didn't want an unfitted Gatsby dress that drags on the floor, I didn't buy it.  But this weekend at the new Weller's bookstore I saw it again (along with many a great other literary T that made me salivate mentally) and Eli and I GOT it.  Even though it was $30.  For a T-shirt.  I'm a freak.
    And that reminds me - I absolutely love this post about kids and their impressions on a book based on the cover. 

 One kid said about Gatsby: "I think it's a book about a haunted theme park and it stars a magical magic guy and he's good and evil and he's trying to get rid of the ghosts. And I think at the end, since it's haunted by a ghost, he tried to make the park go on fire and it did. "  And in a way, he is oh so right.  See more of them here.
  • I'm addicted to the Dove peanut butter chocolate things.
  • And fresh blueberry muffins.  I bake them on the weekends and get some dairy-free butter smeared on them and gobble them up while they're still piping hot.
  • Drinking a cold Diet Coke is an extravagance to me.
  • I despise the term "fiscal cliff", Kobe Bryant, and foam in all forms.
  • I taught myself how to make killer jalapeno poppers.
    People BEG me for them (mainly my husband, who is the reason I decided to figure out how the make them in the first place). If I'm feeling really saucy I spice them up with 2x crushed red pepper and bacon bits.
  • I love Southern accents, animals with big personalities, and rocks. 
    If I see a rock shop I have to pull over.
  • I get car sick. Well, motion sick in general.  But most commonly in the car.
    Hand-held camera type movies also make me sick.
  • I have far too many lippies.
  • Some of my current goals are to find and get into a house this year, stop dropping the "F Bomb" before noon, and get into shape.
  • Bookstores are like crack cocaine to me. If I were addicted to crack. 
  • My aunt gave me a rabbit puppet for Christmas and it is eerily real.
    Some nights I make it sing and dance to music to scare the shit out of my husband.
  • My best friend lives in Plymouth, England.  Permanently.  When I tell people that my best friend lives there they think it is a temporary thing.  Nope. She is English.  But it will be my life goal to get her to move here! We text every day and try to FaceTime as often as possible.  But FaceTime sucks, and the best solution is for her to just live here.  With me and Eli.
  • In our apartment we don't have a washer/dryer.  This is the bane of my existence.
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday.
  • My stomach is almost always gurgly and weird and has embarrassed me on numerous occasions by making loud, strange noises.
  • I adore thunderstorms, but we rarely get them in Utah.  The only thing I like about spring is the rain.
  • I want to build a kickass treehouse someday soon. Hopefully when we buy a home there will be a big old tree suitable to this purpose.
  • I completely suck at taking my prescription meds.  I'll accidentally stop my antibiotics, or forget it is time for a pain pill until I'm in agony.  I've tried pill boxes, setting alarms on my phone, etc. Nothing helps.
  • I am a tea freak.  I suppose that should be Tea Freak because it is official and serious.
    I'm on my 4th tea of the day and I have more in my desk. Green, black, white, red, herbal, rooibus, hot, cold, sweetened, I'm in.  All of it.
  • I love Hall and Oates. And the angry cat.

And I hate trying to move photos around on Blogger.
It shouldn't be this hard (Google, take note!).

Got any other questions about me??

xX  Mare

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