Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lagging and Dragging

This week has been a beast.
And it isn't over yet, though it feels like I've lived through it twice.
Did you wake up on Monday and go "mmm Wednesday!" too?

I saw my surgeon for a follow up on Tuesday and it was really really good.
They said I'm recovering very well, and faster than they expected, and that my bite is just a few millimeters off from where it should be, so all in all the surgery was a success.
They'll do an xray in a month so we can see if the bone and plate and screws have all become friends yet.  I still need to name my new metal additions. :)

Work has been incredibly busy, but not the kind of busy that energizes and rewards you, oh no.
This is the kind that leaves you wanting to lie flat on your back at 1 in the afternoon, or eat your weight in snack food (I've done both).
Hence the not writing much lately.
I am the manager for the Northwest region, and Part I rolled out this week, and Part II rolls out on Monday, so I have been swamped with that, in addition to training to two new women for my team.
They could not be any different--one of them is in her late 40s and is a husky blonde that wears snow boots and trucker hats almost every day (and often rolls her eyes at my high heels).  She is a divorced, skydiving Chicagoan with a kid, and likes to get trashed by herself nearly every night.  She gnaws on beef jerky at her desk and eats onion sandwiches a lot.

The other is fresh out of high school, a willowy vegan that must weight 80 pounds (honestly, I could snap her like a twig), has long reddish hair, and wears flowing skirts and little gloves with cutouts for the fingers every day.  She is single, doesn't drink, shudders when she hears us talking about anything remotely raunchy, and spends her evenings doing a "welcome committee" thing for people who have just moved to the city.

They sit next to each other, around the corner from the rest of us (we are spread out as a department, and are supposed to be relocating soon to a centralized area), and they don't talk to each other.
Which makes it awkward when I am trying to have a conversation with both of them at the same time.  It is an experience.
Especially when they call me on the phone and I can hear them clear as day without my phone, as they are literally around the corner.  And they could walk to my desk in 7 seconds.
If only February were as cool as this Medievalesque image depicts. If only...  Because there are fish in the sky.

I'm going to blame it on February.
We haven't been friends and I'm not going to try now.
Trying to like February on the last leg of it is like in high school, when you're signing yearbooks and people are like "OH MY GOD, WHY WEREN'T WE EVER FRIENDS, YOU'RE AMAZING?!"
and you're like "umm... too late pal. But thanks anyway."

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