Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Life, Courtesy of Disney

Back by popular demand,
my life reactions, courtesy of Disney. Because honestly, what else could you possibly need?
[Remember, many of these need the mouse scrolled across them to work properly]

When I hear someone make a racist comment:

When my husband and I speak in Seinfeld quotes:

When I'm fed up with my hair and think about cutting my own bangs...again. 

Me at the bookstore (minus the ladder, unfortunately):

When the waiter delivers my giant plate of nachos:

How I feel in medical situations 85% of the time:

How I feel after eating at the China Buffet.

When I catch my husband trying to sneak the last beer in the fridge.

When I improvise my own recipes.  

How the night ends when I say "I'm just going to have one glass of wine!"

When I make an inside joke, history nerd style:

When I wear my Tiffany's necklace:

When I can't fit into my favorite jeans and insist it's my "curves" :

When someone cuts me off on the road:

When I realize I'm out of candy:


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