Thursday, October 18, 2012

Spider Monkey Jesus

I'm sure you've heard about this--
a centuries old fresco by Elias Garcia Martinez in a Spanish church that "needed to be refurbished" and ended up being botched.
The beautiful painting of Jesus Christ was absolutely destroyed.  It turned into what can only be described as a 6 year old's crayoned version of a beast.  It is a laughingstock, and has become a worldwide phenomenon, even to the point of attracting thousands to the little-known, non-tourist destination Spanish church to see it!

And now people are signing a petition to leave it the way it is, rather than re-re fix it.

I'd like to bitch slap the old broad "amateur" they hired to do this job.
Even after the damage she did to the piece she is whining about being paid for it.
It's like parents coming home to a dead baby and the babysitter goin "where's my twenty, pops?"
She wants a cut of the profits the town is seeing due to it being flooded by tourists, all there to see the maimed Jesus.
 Michelangelo, Giotto, and DaVinci are rolling in their graves right now.

It begs the question of whether or not classic art should be restored.
Some believe that the aging of a work of art is part of its natural cycle and allows viewers to appreciate its evolution, and that fiddling with it to re-create what it once was is damaging and destructive to a piece's history.

Others believe that maintaining a work allows people to see it how it was originally intended to be viewed and appreciated, and helps preserve it for generations to come.

It's a difficult argument, and one that will not be resolved anytime soon. Or ever.
So now for the funny bits, that celebrate the irony of the Spider Monkey Jesus...

 Need a clever idea for a Halloween costume?

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