Friday, May 31, 2013


Okay, okay. So some of these aren't actually Instagram photos.
Well, most of them aren't.
Isn't it funny how our generation has a trained eye for whether or not a photo has been Instagrammed??  They just have that border, than sheen. 

Anyhow, in honor of it being the last day of May, here are some of my photos of this month.
There was one in there of my ass and the perfect triangular white patch from my bikini that one day we laid out by the pool, which Eli compared to the Deathly Hallows (my ass crack being the Elder Wand of course) but I left it out. Your imagination can do the rest.
Night out with the ladies. Not quite sure why we are flipping Mr. Bird but there you have it.
My scratch/bruise bearing a miraculous resemblance to the Death Star.

I made quite a few disturbing Vine videos while house hunting.  Feel free to check them out, along with my other creepy/drunk Vines.
Here you are looking into a smoker with a brisket on top and two chickens on the bottom.
I like to call this "Texan's Garden of Eatin"
Leaning against Eli at the park reading as the sun sets. Glory glory hallelujiah.

I invented the brie-croissant with apples on the side.
This is what the inside looks like !! Melty brie cheese inside and lashings of orange marmalade on top.
Such torture to leave these Bernese pups behind!!! Someday... someday..
Freckles threw himself into helping us pack.
Vicky sent a challenge along with her package of real English Cadbury--devour it all before she arrives in July!
Do I have the greatest best friend of WHAT??? Hint: I DO.
Limoncello out of my favorite South Dakota jaw-with-a-handle. I am classing up this joint.

I painted my nails sparkly gold and everyone EVER loved it.
On Midvale's Main Street. Outside of a barber shop where this stubby, stegosaurus-haired  wench kills people.
I think it is a trashy modern version of Sweeney Todd.
OUR HOUSE!I took this when we viewed it, looking down the upper part to the front door.

I made rice krispy treats with.... THE FLAVORED MARSHMALLOWS! Just to spice things up, you know.
But they melt together and look kind of disturbingly yellow-brown, like the day after  a bad burrito.
Tasted even better though! And I stuck some unmelted colored mallows on the tops of the treats to make it clear.
Bright lips for FRIDAY!!!!!!
Friday, Friday, hot pink kisses on Friday.

Have a great weekend ya'll... see you next month! I know, that is nerdy and stupid but you can only say it once a month so just cool your heels and relish it.

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