Friday, May 24, 2013

Boy Scouts and Unflushed Toilets

Wooohooo Boy Scouts!
There will be no ban on gays participating, as they should.  All is almost right in the scouting world.
They still have a ban on adults involved in scouting being homosexual though.  Which is ridiculous--like "we'll accept you and your sexual preferences until you turn 18."  So boys can be active in scouts growing up, but then cannot become Scout Leaders or anything,
as if being a gay boy is innocent, but a gay man is a threat to all Scouts.
Explain that one to me..? Are they assuming homosexuals are so depraved that their 18th birthday rolls around and BOOM! They're like I suddenly have the urge to rape those young Scout boys under my command as Scout Master...???????  I DON'T THINK SO.

My brother was in the Scouts for years and years and my Dad was a Cub Master.
We had a lot of fun, though it was often difficult, since in Utah the Boy Scouts of America tends to be run by the Mormon Church.
So there is a lot of exclusionary stuff going on and it can be tricky trying to keep religion out of it.

I never belonged to the Girl Scouts, but I sure enjoyed participating in Boy Scout activities with my brother (and kicking the boy's asses at stuff).

In other news, we are on the house hunt again.  It is incredibly stressful.
And I've found quite a few interesting things in the listings that I check on most days.
It really makes you wonder what people are thinking when they
A) Take photos of their house when it is a complete dump.  Shouldn't you pick up a bit so the potential buyer can see the floor? And is not distracted by the moldy cereal bowls scattered around the counter?

B) Remedy anything terrifying that might scare people away. Case-in-point: The house that has "CHERISH" scratched into the living room wall. In HUGE block letters and looks like someone did it with a dagger.
If your kitchen looks like Charles Manson recently ran amok in your house, you may want to cover that up too.

C) Take decent photos of things that matter. I've seen a listing with 2 images, one a close-up of the cracked front porch steps, and another of a dirty light fixture. There are also a ton of images that are taken at bad angles and are fuzzy or low quality.  And don't include your baby in the picture. There are creeps out there.

D)  FLUSH. YOUR. TOILET. Or put the lid down before you take pictures of that shit (literal shit).

If you can't flush your toilet it makes me wonder what major issues you have that have carried over to the house. If you can't take care of going to the bathroom alone, you probably have not maintained the integrity of a the structure and therefore I do not want to live there.

Yes, the photo on the left is one I really came across a few days ago .EWWWW!

Let me show you some examples.  These are real photos taken off of current listings in the Salt Lake Valley.

 What is this? A mattress against the wall with a shelf in front of it??
 I don't even know what this is. But it looks to be in a state of disrepair.
 Thanks for the smoky close-up of this brick, and like 1 other picture of the house bro.
 What is this? A MESS.
 Hoarders, much?
 "Let's eat a bunch of crap, not put it away, and take photos to put online!"
 Is this your.. garage?? How am I supposed to tell how many cars fit in here among all your crap?

 I don't even know what I am looking at here.  But I don't like it.
Oh wow, does this plant come with the house?? That clinches it, lets buy.

 There is nothing really wrong with this, but that horse creeps me out...
It is looking into my soul!
Do you get that sensation??

Anyhow, you can get a general notion of just what is out there based on these photos...
I see so many of them a day and just had to share.
Story in short-- DON'T PUT PHOTOS OF YOUR POOP ONLINE! For everyone to see! Especially when it is on a real estate are pretty much selling your shit.
And I'm sure you don't want to deal with the kind of people that express interest in that.

Long weekend partaaaaaay

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