Thursday, May 2, 2013

Here's to the White Collar Crew: Workadays

Another day, another dollar.

At this point in my life, my job is a vehicle to help get me some basic wants.
Like a house.
And the ability to become what I really want to be (which may change, but at this point I want to be able to teach). 
I never envisioned myself working for a mortgage company in an 8 to 5 job, but c’est la vie. 
It is a vehicle.

And yes, there may be the Loan Officers that get keyed up and lose their temper over the phone, or the computer errors that force me to stay later than my set hours, the nights on call, the inane office politics(have I mentioned just how dramatic my department is???), but there are so many fun aspects to my job that the rest just kind of falls away.

There are some “interesting” girls in my department.  There are 25 people in my department and 4 of them are guys, so tension clearly comes with the territory.
There are cliques--“you, you, and you, let’s go down to get some tea” they say, selecting their pals and ignoring everyone else.  And “getting tea” is their code name for “talking shit on everyone in the department.” Even the manager gossips.  It is toxic.

Two girls that used to be the bestest of friends got into a major fight last week.  I don’t mean major as in eye rolling, not-speaking-to-each-other, I mean screaming in each other’s faces (during work, in front of the whole department) and dropping the F bomb a lot.  F*&# YOU! F*#( you, BITCH! If I wanted your opinion, I’d give it to you!     That sort of thing.  It has given us all major anxiety, and it is still going on!

So for all those that have drama in their workplace, I can relate.
Which makes it necessary to bring an element of lightheartedness into the office.
When you’re there all day, you may as well make it as comfortable as possible.

This include cupcakes, fishnet tights, plenty of trips downstairs to visit my hubby, rocking out to Motown hits all day, reenactments of The Office, gummy worms dangling over cubicles, impromptu dance parties, guacamole on Wednesdays, and friendly notes.

Big jobs usually go to the (wo)men who prove their ability to 

outgrow small ones.

-Teddy Roosevelt

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