Friday, May 17, 2013

The Great Look of Gatsby

My most popular post that I've ever posted on my blog has been regarding Great Gatsby style.
I've had some requests for another version, so voila! I am posting it on both of my blogs.

I love this montage from boticca.  The Tiffany pieces in this film were absolutely stunning (Daisy's headdress was my favorite).

The art deco motif found in some of the jewelry pieces was also woven throughout the film sets--how cunning!! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for home decor done in that unique, modern art deco style (think geometric shapes and clean lines).

 That is an easy way to incorporate Jazz Age style --via jewelry and decor touches.  As far as the jewelry, especially keep your eyes peeled for emerald and gold touches.

Art deco decor is all about the details, gold accents, and heavy contrast between dark and light colors.
It is meant to be luxurious yet understated (not the swirls and lace of Baroque, for example).
No florals, no frills, vibrant colors, and lots of reflective qualities (glass and chrome).

If you don't want to devote an entire room to the style (it can be difficult finding the right retro furniture), you can incorporate Art Deco in simpler ways, such as wallpapering one accent wall in a room in a funky deco pattern, finding a printed rug in the same style,
or including some Alphonse Mucha prints.

Mucha was a Czech Art Noveau painter and his fantastical prints of women are dreamy and airy, and usually have neat hand-drawn borders incorporated into the piece.

The colors are vibrant and unique and a large piece like this could easily be made the centerpiece of a room.

The most popular materials of the Art Deco style are mirrors, stainless steel, dark wood with inlays, and anything "exotic" (they were obsessed with the notion of "The Orient" back then).
Popular patterns and motifs were sunbursts, nudes, leaves and feathers, stylized animals, and sharp objects (think the peaks of skyscrapers). Think utilitarian with an edge.

And of course..appearance.
Tailored suits, beaded dresses with fringe that create a lot of movement for dancing, snazzy stockings, red lips, black nail polish, bobbed hair, and dramatic eyes.
Very strappy and sexy! For the look today, try wearing dresses with fun details at a unique length (about thigh-high, not too long or too short) and glitzing it up with sparkly jewelry (costume jewelry with rhinestones is perfect for this!). Grab your pearls if you've got em!

Makeup was dramatic and flirtatious and anything but natural.
Flappers made it clear they were dolled up!
Smoky eyes, thinned and defined eyebrows, usually a beauty mark or two, bright blush on the apples of the cheeks (very doll-like), and bright lips--typically in red.
Of course, in the new Great Gatsby, Daisy is an exception to this as she is not wholly a flapper.
She goes for the "let your natural beauty shine through" approach, which centers around a flawless, glowing complexion, stunning eyes, and pink lips.
For her look you'll need groomed hair tucked neatly into place (no fly-aways or dramatic volume), neatly groomed brows that extend past the eye, heavy mascara and black eyeliner, and a sheer lip gloss.
For the skin, try a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with highlighter added to it for that extra glow.

Recommended products for this look:
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush comes in the ideal color assortment to pull this look off and provides a sheer wash of color that lasts.

Benefit They're Real mascara is thick and dark and awesome for bringing attention to the eyes.

For a gentler Daisy look, try tightlining with a dark brown or grey eyeliner pencil.
In some of the party scenes her eyes are played up more, so you could do a smudged out baby cat eye if you're going for a little more drama while maintaining the innocent look.

I love Sonia Kashuk's Illuminator.
The texture is creamy and almost gel-like and optimal for mixing in with foundation or dabbing on as a highlighter.
It catches the lights on a night out and brings out that glow without ridiculous chunks of glitter--just a subtle shimmer.

This stuff is magical.  Mix it with the illuminator and blend blend blend for believable, clear, glowing skin.

L'Oreal Color Riche Balm in Pink Satin (seen here) or Rose Elixir are great for the innocent baby pink sheen Daisy always has on her lips.
They are moisturizing and kissable and foolproof.

Oh, and don't forget Daisy's nude nails.

Try OPI's Bubblebath or Essie Sugar Daddy.

If those aren't in your price range, Sally Hansen has some awesome shades for $1-$2 at Wal Mart.
Hard Core Party is one of my favorite baby pinks from that line.

What is your favorite way to incorporate Jazz Age Art Deco Gatsby style into your everyday life?

That's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.
-Daisy, The Great Gatsby

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