Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Evening of the Best Husband Ever

Good Morning pals.
I've gotten a few emails in previous months inquiring about my health issues (which, unfortunately, is often the subject of my posts. Well, it has been. But God willing, those posts will continue to thin out in the future), and how my husband handles it, and generally about our relationship.
Which, yes, can be taken as nosy and inappropriate, but when you share snippets of your personal life online, sparks interest, and I won't hesitate to give you all a sneak peek, as I (well, WE) have nothing to hide!

My husband is marvelous.  He is simultaneously patient, and unhesitant to call me out on my shit (if I'm overreacting, he flat out tells me Texas-style to "simmer down". Which is reassuring somehow).
He is romantic and cuddly and at least once a day grabs my hand and squeezes it 3 times, which is our secret signal (if we're at work together, or somewhere we can't really speak) for "I Love You." 
We are each other's best friend and confidant, and have wonderful conversations constantly and share our dreams and all that good stuff that people somehow deem cheesy.  IT IS NOT.
Actually, it is important in a relationship. It is crucial.

Anyhow, our relationship is solid.

But I've been having a difficult time lately.
I'm still recovering from surgery, and live in a constant fear of having an allergic reaction to the new metal plate they put in my jaw, like I did to the metal implants.  I can't really have the plate removed, as it is holding my broken jaw together.
But I've been having some symptoms that are like those I got with the initial allergy, like headaches and fatigue, and all of a sudden my skin started breaking out like mad.
So this sent me into a tizz, but Eli just insisted it is stress from work.

Because work has been awful. My boss is not giving me the resources she has given everyone else in my department, but she expects me to keep up anyway.
I am a Team Lead, so I have more responsibility, and that is enough stress in itself.
I was proactive about preventing the situation that is now going on, and she reassured me the worst would not happen (it has), and I have gone to her several times a day for the last week requesting various minor changes that would provide incredible help for me and my team, and in the end the whole department.  She says "yes, of course", but whenever she agrees to something or says it WILL happen (particularly immediately), it is a guarantee that it will NOT happen.
It really sucks and I hate to complain about it, but when I am working 14 hour days and basically living breathing and sleeping work (all I dream about at night is work. UGH!), I feel like I get a break.

So last night, we left work, and I started to have a bit of an anxiety attack and started blubbering.
Both because of the work stress, and my underlying worry that I am going to have a metal allergy again. 
We got home and I started unpacking my laptop to continue with my work (after working a 9 hour shift already), and Eli said "NO."
I looked at him, confused, and he said "you need a break before you go back to work.  This is a marathon, not a sprint. You can't handle any more."
Then he drew me a steaming hot bath with a bomb in it from Lush, and plenty of bubbles.  He heated up a little vase of sake for me, and pushed me into the bathroom. "NO WORK ALLOWED!"

I sunk into the rose-scented bubbles and breathed deep for the first time in days. 
I felt like the toxic air in my lungs cleared out and I was able to stop thinking about work.
It was bliss, lying there in the steam with blossoms floating around my body and relaxation seeping into my pores.  I started doing that whole sighing-out-loud thing. 

When I got out of my hour bath, he had my favorite Domino's pizza waiting for me (spicy Italian sausage and green peppers).  I doused it in crushed red pepper, which is the best thing ever, and gorged myself. 

And then, I went back to work.

And whilst working, he fiddled with the damn router so I could talk to my best friend via FaceTime.

So there you have it--- a sneak peek into an evening with my husband, the greatest.

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