Monday, March 11, 2013


I feel like I'm on the receiving end of this today.

To conclude this miserable Monday rant, let me address the culprits directly:

TO MY BOSS...  Communicate. It is what Jesus wants you to do.
TO MY TUMMY... Shake this lurgy thing you have going on, so I can go back to eating in peace.
TO UTAH's CLIMATE...Get some moisture in your air so I can blink without feeling like I've been wandering the Gobi Desert for a year without eyedrops.
TO MY FINGERNAILS...Stop chipping the day after I paint you.
TO MY CO-WORKER...Actually sign up to be on call so I don't have to work 15 hours of overtime every week to cover your ass.
TO UTAH HOME-HUNTERS...Stop snatching up the gorgeous, rightly-priced home my hubby and I get excited about before we even have a chance to put an offer down.
TO SASHA, MY IPHONE...Stop vibrating for no reason and closing out of my apps because you are PMSing.

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