Friday, March 22, 2013

Taquitos, Chili, and Shit Best Friends Say

Our kitchen is the size of a closet.
That is why kitchens have become a deal-breaker in our house hunting adventures;
If it can't fit 2 people in in satisfactorily, and making a cuppa tea gives you claustrophobia, the whole house is out. DONE.
Not too much to ask, right?

Anyhow, I have somehow managed to make quite a few delectable feasts in that closet of a kitchen recently. And I am proud of them.
Especially the chili I did last night, that made Eli declare me an Honorary Texan.  That was the high point of my week!

Here is my first shot at taquitos!
Shredded chicken, cilantro, sweet corn, black beans, seasoning (chili powder, salt and pepper, tapatio), cilantro, and salsa.
I wrapped them up in egg roll wrappers, basted them in egg white and baked them up.

It was blissful and you can make a whole batch, freeze them, and have them ready to pop in the oven when you're not in the mood to fix anything up properly.
And because I baked them, they're sorta healthy.

As you can see, I'm still learning how to wrap them properly. I overstuffed them in my zealousness.

These are some yummy butter cookies I whipped up for our St Paddy's potluck at work.
I did my basic Scandinavian butter cookies recipe, with almond and lemon extract and a splash of food coloring.
I used my cookie press for all but the shamrocks, which I formed myself!

I think they kind of look like sea anemones.
Either way--wonderful with coffee!

All decked out for an early St Patrick's party at the office!
I wore green eyeliner and pigged out on the greenness.

Though I draw the line at green deviled eggs.
I love deviled eggs but I can recognize the inherent wrongness in them--their smell and texture...
Unless there is some green ham on the side and wicked rhymes to go with it, I'm just not down for those.

Green Jell-O shots are perfectly acceptable though!
No, this was not at work.

This was our weekend party.

Where we learned to play Ring of Fire.
We consumed...everything
Beer, vodka, rum, and copious amounts of snack food.  It was glorious!

And now... THE CHILI!

I diced it all up fresh the night before--green peppers, red peppers, tomatoes, jalapeno, celery, garlic, some sprigs of cilantro...

Then the ground beef that we fried up, black beans and kidney beans, tomato puree, and seasoning!
Boy, I seasoned the shit out of it.

We left the crockpot in the fridge overnight and it all marinated...
The next morning we put it on low for almost 7 hours.

It came out like this . . .

I served it with fresh, hot, buttery cornbread, and cheese and yellow peppers on top of the chili.
And cold beer goes great with it as well of course.

Absolutely gorgeous--and enough left over for us to gorge ourselves again tonight !

Considering my hubby is a Texan and he was light-headed with the deliciousness of the chili, I am pretty proud of myself.

I've been scrolling through some of the texts between my best British pal and myself and giggling a bit.
I hate my iPhone and it has never-ending problems, but being able to text her 24/7 (even with the time difference we embrace drunk texting) is totally worth it.
Though we can be a bit morbid, and have enough health problems to keep 10 people busy, our messages to one another tend to be fabulously entertaining.

HER: "I have nothing against guys having long hair, but if they decide to have it longer, they need to commit to washing it!"
(sends me picture of guy in question)
ME: "Yeah he is a Young Snape for sure. Especially in that jacket."

ME: "I need booze in my coffee."

HER: "I was at A&E until midnight. I think they recognize me by now."

ME: "My mouth feels crookeder today. Is that a word?"

HER: "Even if my leg is broken I'm still bloody coming on holiday in July. I'm getting on that plane even if I'm in a full body cast!"

ME: "Is it vanity if I am unhappy with how different my face looks after having had my jaw broken?"

HER:  "I have long since stopped being polite."

ME: "Someone need to tell her to 'avoid being a bitch, though it comes naturally.'"


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