Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be It Ever So Humble...

...There's No Place Like Home.

If we could just find one, that is.

We are still on the hunt.  We've put a few offers in and been outbid.  Which is disappointing.
We did research on the Utah housing market to see if it is just us, but it seems we are not alone-- Salt Lake City is in the top 10 cities with housing markets in short supply, and inventory is slim.
The housing market is rebounding so raters are great, there just aren't many houses to choose from, not to mention now that the weather is warming up, all the house-hunters are on the move!!

Every house we've seen has had multiple offers, and several people viewing it at the same time we are!
I can't help but give them the stink eye, trying to tell them get out my MY HOUSE with my face.
It hasn't worked, apparently.

But in the meantime, we're having fun dreaming about decorating and the options out there!
We both adore the fresh, New England Cape Cod style--both exterior and in.

So without further ado, let me turn temporarily turn my blog into an idea board!

There is something about that crisp white trim that is clean and welcoming.

Grey has really made a comeback, have you noticed?
People are pairing it with yellow, but that is just too retro and trendy for my taste.

I think grey with white/beige/blue is more timeless.

I'd pair it with a soft orange before I would put it with yellow.
  Light turquoise and white is such a classic, beachy look.
Perfect for a relaxing in a hot bath.

I can't wait to hit up some funky stores to search for unique drawer pulls and hardware of that sort--
Anthropologie has the best selection of this stuff.

Wood floors are theeeeeeee shit (in the best possible way).

They pop against the white in a way carpet never can.

So white white white is our foundation here (could you tell from these photos?).

For the smaller decorative touches, I love prints of maps and birds/plants.

And I am a complete freak for terrarium type accents.

I would plant fresh lavender in the garden... well, that is another story for another day.
Damn, I need a house as a creative outlet now. 

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