Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter in the valley

So . . .
How was your Easter???
Mine was. Interesting.

I wore my best Jesus Sandals.
I was trying to whip up a special dessert for my family's celebration, and I ended up melting a Tupperware INTO the stovetop.
It will never come out--it is seared and hardened into every nook and cranny and now we can't use the whole oven at all or it will melt in further!
We called the apartment management and they said we have to pay to have the entire stove replaced. Which is dandy considering we're trying to move out and all.
Ok, April Fool's.
I know it was silly and lame, but that story is totally believable to anyone who knows me and my cooking disasters, and I had to do a little something to celebrate the first of this month!!

In truth, I didn't make anything for Easter-- I left the cooking to my family!
And they did marvelously.
Grilled beercan chickens, baked potatoes and fresh asparagus, and a delightful angel food cake with fresh strawberries with lashings of whipped cream!
We were celebrating my mother's birthday as well, as she is flying to Minnesota this week and will be there for her actual birthday.

And I shall call him... Dr. Semingway.
Eli and I went to breakfast at this diner up the street that serves whoppings of food for pennies.  I had 5 pieces of bacon, a scone, 2 eggs, and hashbrowns for $2.99, and we did Easter trivia while we ate and stared at a man that looked like an Ernest Hemingway / Dr. Suess mix.

At my parent's house we played ladder ball outside and soaked up the sun, lying in the grass and talking for a while.
Then we busted out the wine and talked some more as we listened to the chickens sizzling on the grill.
It was tantalizing.

The meal was great, as was the company, and we did presents afterward.

Most of the pictures are on my actual camera, but I did some snaps on my phone...

On Saturday we hiked up to the Block U in the foothills above the University of Utah for the first time.

Eli showing off and making me nervous...

View from the top!

The view was magnificent.

Afterwards we gorged ourselves on Texas Roadhouse.

And . . . we're going to Moab on Friday to get some of that red rock under our fingernails!!!
I am so excited.

More adventures to come . . .

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