Monday, April 15, 2013

Some Retro Sexism

You guys, I had the best time in Moab!
I still need to post about that, with the fabulous photos I took.
Until then, let us all relish in a time not-so-long-gone in these vintage advertisements that make me grateful to live in the time that I do.

Ok, I'll just say it:
 that pink and white Betty Thorton is a slut.

Isn't it interesting, this notion of women being responsible for their man's wandering eye?
I feel like we still do this nowadays-- when a guy cheats, women often love to attack the other woman, rather than realizing it takes two to tango. . .

Also, who knew gingerbread could salvage a marriage?!


Just . . . WOW.

Because we're all bad cooks.

But as long as he comes home to a cold one, it works out !!

These ads make me want to read The Women's Room again. And Peyton Place.
Once I'm finished (again) with Revolutionary Road!

Happy Monday morning ya'll.

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