Friday, July 13, 2012

because I'm going to die.

Not to be morbid, but we all are. We are all going to leave this earth someday, so we should see as much of it as possible and savor it! Experience it!

And so, on that note, I would like to introduce you to the place that has most recently been added to my bucket list.

Honfleur! It is in France, near Normandy.
And it has one of the most beautiful ports in the world (which was painted by a lot of incredible artists, including Monet and Courbet).  Just. LOOK.

I love water and picturesque villages with ridiculously narrow buildings squashed together. And if they happen to be painted neat colors, all the better. This lovely place has all of the above. And it is in France (incroyable supplémentaire). is a historic site. HOLY SHITBALLS! I know! As if being a picturesque seaside village could get any cooler.  HISTORY. Yeah man.
This place has been cool since the 11th century.

 And it has a marine museum.
Which is both an ultimate compound word and stop to visit combined.
I shivered with delight when I read that.
Marine Museum.
Here's hoping it has visible timber framing and something painted blue and white.

Stone bridges, just begging for you to pop a squat with a baguette and bottle of pinot noir.

Saint Catherine's Cathedral, which is the largest surviving wooden church in France.

And art museums (Honfleur had a big influence on Impressionism)
and open air markets
and BOATS.

Cute little tugboats,
painted shutters,
cobblestone streets,
and lots of beautiful old brick.

And it is close to Normandy, so we can visit the D-Day beaches and Monet's gardens at Giverny, where he painted his water lilies.

No offense to Monet and his impressive skills (get it?! Impressive..Impressionism? Ok, not my best work), but look at this place.
How can you live there and not create amazing art?

Eli and I are always daydreaming about travelling to Europe, and our constant refrain is that we will go for our 5 year anniversary...10 years at the very worst.  Both years, at the very best.

Someday Honfleur, someday! I will be found perched on your bridge with my husband and a bottle of wine.
And if one of my shoes happens to fall into the water...all the better for you to remember me by.

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