Thursday, July 12, 2012

Did Harry and Ginny DO IT

So, as per usual, Eli and I were lying in bed last night and conversation turned to...
the temerarious ramifications of socialized healthcare, how future generations will perceive Joe Paterno's legacy, and the Muslim stance on circumcision.

Just kidding! We talked about Harry Potter.

We have settled our recent debate about the relationship between Harry an Ginny. Finally!
A few weeks ago I asked Eli if he thought they "got it on" in Book 6. And he said NO!
He acknowledged that they made out a lot, but the Full Monty? The Boy Who Lived wouldn't do such a thing (according to Eli).
And I was like:

"WHAAAAAAAT?!?!" (I probably dropped my cookie or whatever I was eating on the floor at this point) "of course they did! Harry is in a state of constant danger and life-threatening circumstances! He is reckless and headstrong and a lustful teenager without any parents to give him The Talk, and just look at how he jumped into things with Cho! Plus Ginny is sucking face with half the guys at Hogwarts!"

As if they would wait until they were married to get it on.  They're magical! And European! THIS ISN'T TWILIGHT!

But Eli was just not having it.

I kept bringing up the quote in Book 7 about their  "stolen hours in secluded corners of the Hogwarts grounds" ---if that doesn't imply some serious banging, what does?!

And right before Harry and Ron and Hermione take off on their Deathly Hallows extended camping trip, Ginny brings Harry into her room for his "birthday gift" (and 17th birthdays in the wizarding world are technically when you are considered an ADULT) and says she wants to give Harry something he can remember her by, that he can take with him.  I think we all know what she was referring to...And then they start macking hard but get interrupted. Hm...

But Eli still wouldn't listen.  So I had to call in my Backup. My #1 Resource.
My best friend, who is, fortunately, as British as they come!
And she kindly explained to Eli, over FaceTime, that it is very common for kids to give it up at a younger age in the U.K. And that she personally agrees that they "did it" while at school.
HA!! Eli was forced to surrender.

So last night we started up some new discussions.
We talked about the idea of Voldemort's accidental horcrux in Harry and why it is a creepy baby that looks burned (in the psuedo-heaven-Platform 9 3/4 scene).  Why is it a baby?
Does this represent some symbolic element of Voldemort, or is it in a human child form because it is a horcrux he did not intend to make?
Is it because Voldemort was himself in that form for so long (think of how he appears in Book 4 before going into the cauldron and regaining his full body), or does it have to do anything with the fact that this horcrux fetus parasite attached itself to Harry when he was a baby?

And speaking of creepy midget-Voldy, I wondered aloud if Wormtail had to change his diapers! Ha! I think about these things...

And then we talked about Neville. And just why he was put into Gryffindor. Was it his potential? Harry was almost put into Slytherin because of his ambition and potential for greatness... I wonder if something similar happened with Neville.
What if he was supposed to be a Hufflepuff but wanted Gryffindor instead?  What did the Sorting Hat know?  Would Neville have turned out so badass if he had been put in Hufflepuff? I doubt it.  Interesting how being Sorted impacts your lifestyle!

As Eli said last night, "Neville has the heart of a lion."  And that made me tear up a little.
But then he went off on how he never really liked Neville because Neville is a nerd.
And I was like "AAAAAAAAARRRRRGHHHHHH! Never insult Neville Longbottom in front of me." And I gave him a pig's tail.
I wish.

And then we went on to say many more hysterical things that are far too inappropriate to post here (though I will tell you they involve Voldemort having intercourse with serpents).
And I started ragging on how much Fleur gets on my nerves and Eli actually said I am jealous.
JEALOUS of that thing?! She is worthless! And annoying! And...fictitious. Oh snap.
So that is our current debate: The pending usefulness of Fleur Delacour.

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