Monday, July 16, 2012

No domo arigato, Mr. Hashimoto

So, just a brief disclosure here about my health---
I finally have some answers! Hurrah! They're not quite what I had hoped, but at least now I can treat them. Among other things, I have some anemia going on and have been diagnosed with an auto-immune thyroid disease, Hashimoto's.

Before you think "GOOD GOD! SHE IS TURNING INTO A BONSAI TREE!" let me tell you that Hashimoto's is not a reference to a Karate Kid character, a Korean cocktail, or any sort of hashish flavor.

It simply means my immune system is, quite unkindly, attacking my thyroid gland.
So my thyroid can't really produce the hormones it needs to function, and thus I get the symptoms of hypothyroid, which makes me tired and cold and achey all of the time.

And the anemia is your basic B12/iron deficiency, which makes me even more tired, gives me headaches, light-headedness, low blood pressure, and (this is an actual listed symptom!!) an "intolerance for exercise." Ha! See?! Not just be being lazy. Though all of the symptoms could be interpreted as culminating in laziness (technically referred to as "general malaise").

So I'm taking a TON of supplements. Mostly for glandular support and my thyroid, and trying to get more iron in my diet. Yes, I am now taking shots of prune juice on a daily basis. Yum.  Yes, it is really that awful brown color.

I suppose I will start making spinach smoothies or something equally disgusting in the near future.

On the plus side, I found a website starring an Anemic Panda full of hysterical memes that I can relate to!

That last one is especially true...
I am taking approximately 18 pills a day now.

I went to the dentist to get my tooth prepared for a crown (I had a root canal on it months ago) and the temporary crown he put on it started committing hate crimes against my gums and any nearby teeth that tried to the dentist had to pop it off and the inner root of that tooth is just hanging out naked for 2 weeks, until the actual crown arrives.
Considering that it is a molar, it is not fun or easy to eat. Poor naked tooth.

I've been looking at hysterical images to take my mind off of my health woes. Allow me to share some of these inappropriately placed sticker pictures..

This last one is my favorite.
Not just because it involved Pooh Bear in a compromising position, but look at Tigger's expression! And the title of the book! HA! It is just too perfect.
And little Piglet, holding his tale for him.  Oh boy.

And let me include this, because it exemplifies how lame local news can be.
And it is damned hysterical!

Now time for me to drink some tea and wallow in my "general malaise."

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