Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Currently Tmbling!!

So Tumblr always confused me.
And I never joined in.

but recently I figured I would give it a whirl and although I feel like I understand 3% of it, I have found some really nifty items on there and am rather enjoying it!

I know I've been a bit absent on my blog for a few days, please forgive me.
I've been doing the round of doctors and am getting more tests run and trying for a better diagnosis (you'll remember I was previously "diagnosed" but the medicine hasn't set me right, so I'm seeing an internist now).  It has been exhausting and stressful and all that.
Plus I am still looking for a job and house/petsitting for my family while they are on their fabulous Alaskan cruise.

And that is not to mention the round of partying that has been taking place!
We celebrated my birthday this last weekend, are rocking it this weekend for another friend, and Eli's own birthday is in a couple weeks!!

And so, to get you by until I know I can put together some satisfactory posts, here are a few images to of my birthday celebrations, and you can check out my Tumblr account at:

My birthday was a marvelous affair!!
All of my favorite people came to the party Saturday night and there was delicious food and drinks, games, chatter, and it all culminated in a 2am dip in the pool... yes, we had to break in. But that was most of the thrill!! The only part that was missing was Vicky.

I have a feeling 24 is going to be brilliant.

A little poolside drinky-poo...

Red Butte Gardens

Birthday smooch!

Party time! Let the beer towers commence.

Rick and Jeff!! Love these guys. Look at the special "me" they created!!  It was put into strange contortions all night.

so many shots..

and spills.


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