Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Have I mentioned I love birds?

Have you heard..?

Birds. Oh birds. I love them! In all forms---corporeal, vintage sketches, wallpaper, candle-holders, stamps, statuettes, stickers...
I have always been devoted to birds (ironic, considering I grew up with the nastiest, most bitter African Grey parrot this century has seen) and am longing for a house with a real tree of my own to hand birdhouses and feeders from!
Our large patio in the apartment has a few birdfeeders dangling from it, but they don't come for a visit and a nibble very often (perhaps because I've put pet birdseed in the feeder rather than wild..?).
But in the winter we get a frenzy out there! I love bird watching.

My favorite birds:
1. Dove
2. Robin
3. Hummingbird
4. Pelican
5. Puffin
6. Bluebird
7. Cockatoo
8. Kookaburra

And the list goes on...but I'm sure you're bored and wondering why in the hell I have a list of birds in order of how much I love them. Don't ask how many years I have spent compiling and reorganizing that list.  You may shudder at the thought of the productive things I could have been pondering instead.

And the Birds of Paradise! Have you seen those?! They will blow your MIND.

Oh birds...keep up the good work.

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