Monday, December 10, 2012

What a Tweed

Welp, it's Monday again!
The weekend was a somewhat stressful and painful affair,
as I tried to ignore the throbbing pain in my mouth and jaw and plan with Eli and my family a course of action for having surgery.

I was so fearful this morning about speaking to my new boss about needing to take time off...after 1 week of working here.  I don't want to be that employee.
But she was incredibly gracious and concerned and told me to do what I've gotta do.

I'm having the emergency surgery on Friday (taking as little time off as possible!).  I'm working a half day on Friday and then going in during lunchtime.
Which is gonna stink because everyone in this company always has goodies floating around (chocolate chip pumpkin muffins this morning, homemade tamales around lunchtime...) and I always have a mug of tea or coffee in my hand, and on Friday I can't have anything to eat or drink, pre-surgery.  YIKES!
I should hang a sign around my neck that said "don't feed the animal."

And I know this is pushing it, but I'm going to try my darndest to be back to work on Monday.
Can someone recover from major invasive surgery in 2 and a half days? We'll see. I volunteer as tribute.
Either way it should be interesting when I come back tow rok all hopped up on painkillers!
At least my co-workers, and my own department especially, are badass.

When I got the bad news about having to have surgery ASAP to remove my implants, after 2 years of trying to save them and the bone marrow graft, I was crying and cussing.
And instead of rolling their eyes or peering over my cubicle going "what the hell is your problem" or, even worse, ignoring me, like some crazy co-workers may have, they were all concerned and wanted to make sure I was okay.
And I scored a giant chocolate cupcake in the deal.
So yes, loving my job and my new peeps.

We want to make it look like "Christmas threw up" in our corner by the windows, and I contributed a giant strand of flashing lights to the cause this morning.
We taped them up across 4 of our cubicles and they look amazing! Especially with the snow gently falling beyond them.
I took a picture, but you can't really tell the lights are going in it.  They are much brighter in real life and cheer the place up a bit.
I wore some warm tights today with my tweed skirt and black boots, but am still a bit chilly by the window, so we cranked up the heat and I got some scalding hot French roast, freshly ground from my coffee club downstairs. Yummm.
I've gotten a myriad of compliments on the skirt and it makes me so happy (and proud of my new company) that the people here know what tweed is.  YES!

In other news, I had an amazing roast turkey last night with my family and it felt like a second Thanksgiving.  It was just what I needed before going into surgery (and having to eat mushy crap for a few days). I also whooped on my Mom playing Scrabble (don't challenge an English major).
 Eli and I caught up on laundry and were both ecstatic last night when we made up the bed and crawled into it.  Nothing compares to clean, soft sheets scented by those fragranced dryer inserts.
I took a hot bath and finished reading The Winter Rose for the fourth time, lit the next candle in our menorah, and then Eli and I watched an old Breaking Bad (from Season 3, when Jesse is going to kill those guys that used the kid as their drug mule and he is walking up to them in the cold, drawing his gun, and both thugs whip out their own pistols and you're going "NO NO NO! Don't kill Jesse!" and Jesse is about to get blown away when Walter speeds up in his car and runs the bad guys over, shoots one of them [I still scream in shock and horror when that happens, no matter how many times I watch it] and turns to Jess starkly, and says "RUN."  
And you just sit there going "hooooooly shit.  Did that just happen?" and you never view Walter White the same again.  Amazing.  I'm still not over it, can you tell?).
I sipped on a brandy, which helped with the congestion and cough I still have from this lingering cold.
I am hoping I can ditch it before my surgery this week, so I'm drinking Airborne and EmergenC like a mofo.
Plus the brandy helps with the agonizing pain in my mouth and jaw.
OTC painkillers don't do a damn thing, so until the surgeon prescribes the heavy stuff, I'm sticking to booze, coffee, and chocolate to numb the throbbing.

Happy Monday!

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