Friday, December 7, 2012

I need a lawyer, a hit man, and a hug.

Today has been unpredictably difficult. I can't sleep so I'm writing a brief post to try to further release my jumbled and
troubling emotions.

I am loving my new job, but of course the health problems have to creep up on me.

My surgeon, who was inexpressibly incompetent (in hindsight), has admitted I'm allergic to the implant in my bone, that he put in two years ago without testing me for metal allergies first.
I was in excruciating pain today, and it's been so trying--physically and emotionally--so keep on a happy face and remain functional despite knowing that the skin in your mouth is rapidly swelling and bubbling over and knowing you probably have an infection and need regency surgery ( wouldn't be the first time).

My sweet, comforting husband and my genuine and humorous friends have gotten me through this day. I can only pray that tomorrow will be better.
I will give more details when I have a real keyboard and some actual time to write--this is the jotting-down- on-an-iPhone-crap that will make me blush tomorrow!!

Yes, things can suck. They can suck ass incessantly.
But there's peppermint tea and British best friends and kisses snuck in the cafeteria at work, and chocolate muffins, and twinkling lights, and ironic facial expressions exchanged surreptitiously over yummy Chinese food with friends to sustain us.
So thank all that we treasure for that.

Tomorrow will be better.

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