Saturday, December 15, 2012


The surgery went wonderfully.
And miraculously, my jaw was not broken, the nerves weren't permanently damaged, and I was even able to get some cadaver bone packed into the gaping hole that was left after he pulled out the implant.

I'm all doped up on Percocet now, and gorging myself on ice cream, ramen, soup, soft cookies, banana bread, and other squishy foods.

I already feel like a weight and pressure has been lifted from my jaw, merely by removing the implant I was allergic to. It is baffling.

I'm going to write a big long post about the whole thing later on.
For now,
I cannot express my thankfulness and immense relief that this nightmare is over.

“Difficulties are opportunities to better things; they are stepping stones to greater experience. Perhaps someday you will be thankful for some temporary failure in a particular direction. When one door closes, another always opens.”

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