Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blueberry Bagel

A few months ago when I got tiddly on a late Wednesday night and had to work a 10 hour shift the next day, I vowed to never be drunk again on a weeknight.  I broke that vow yesterday.

But a blueberry bagel really helped things shape up this morning.
And a few hours later I snuck downstairs for a second one, and as I spread that blueberry schmear on my blueberry bagel (I am the blueberry whore of Utah I swear it), I started singing out of the complete blue the song from A Muppet Christmas Carol--not one of the whimsical upbeat ones, but that depressing one the girl sings to Ebeneezer and you fast forward through because you're like "geeez lady this is boring! You aren't even a Muppet, what are you doing here??"

Plus it is just kind of annoying, the way she sings. Is it just me?
Anyhow, this was just so unexpected and bizarre even for me, to be singing the crappiest song from my favorite Muppets movie in the workplace that I didn't even know I knew the lyrics to. I had to share it.

Am I a complete freak?
Maybe. But that isn't a bad way to be. Or...bee! 
I am loving this new app far too much.  See that chunker on my shoulder? He's my favorite.

Hope your Tuesday is less hungover than mine.

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