Thursday, June 20, 2013

In which the authoress sips a cup of coffee. Through a little red straw

So I am the member of a highly selective Kaffeeklatsch at the office.
We only drink the good stuff and rotate on who buys the beans.
If you're on the first floor around 10 after 8 in the am, you will hear the whir of the grinder and the air will be anatomized with the scent of the Garden of Eden.
Or the Garden of High Altitude Low Acidity Strong Flavor Blend, depending on your views of coffee.

I drink a lot of it, sometimes 2 cups in the morning, an extra top-off in the early afternoon if I'm lucky.
And this is in addition to my teas.
When you ponder this, along with the glass of red wine I tend to indulge in with my supper,
It is a miracle my teeth don't end up looking like those pictures of meth-head progression they hand out in the 8th grade.

But they are getting stained. And more stained.
So I decided to start drinking my coffee through a straw. But they only have the dinky little red straws here (do the regular white ones melt in coffee or something??) so I tried to make due this morning with that.

It takes so long to suck your coffee through that hollowed-out hair follicle that it is cold by the time you reach the dredges of it!
It took me longer to drink that cup without stopping as it did to write this post.
And I probably look like an idiot too, working at it unnaturally. I was 2 ounces of coffee slurping away from breaking a sweat!

Next time I will use 6 of those dinky red straws.
Or as many as I can fit in my mouth.

Yes, please notice the slop of coffee around the side of the cup.  I never claimed to be neat.

Still sipping....

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