Friday, June 21, 2013

The Realness Has Been Bolstered By a Sofa

In 5 days we will have signed our Closing documents (I work for a mortgage firm so we capitalize words that would not normally be, like Compliant and Initial).

In 7 days we will be getting the keys to our first house!
We would be doing a huuuuuuuge moving day in 8 days but found out Eli is the groomsman in a wedding on that day--surprise! So maybe moving a little bit before the wedding...? A little bit after..?
We don't want to be sweaty and gross for the wedding (moving before) or exhausted from dancing (moving after), so maybe no moving at all will happen on those days.  Maybe we will just stop by our house after the wedding (which, coincidentally, is happening about 3 minutes from our house) and sit in the empty rooms, me in my dress, and Eli in his rented tuxedo.  We'll see.

It is all at the surreal stage.
It's like reading Peter Pan all your life and then hearing that the place exists and you have a trip booked to go there soon. You're kind of like "oh really??! Cool!" and then you stagger around for a while in a daze, being really excited but also confused.  What does one wear to NeverNeverLand? What should I pack?
Does this mean I don't have to grow up?

You know that something is going to happen, but you can't really prepare because you've never done this before, and it becomes sort of intangible thing in your mind, like when you're a kid and you think I'll be a grown up one day... weird! 

We've been planning for the house, where things will go and how to decorate certain rooms, and packing up all of our stuff, but it still has not sunk in.  It hasn't sunk in that I won't have to scrape my car off anymore in the winter or come down to a sun-baked version in the summer--because we'll have a garage!!
It hasn't solidified in my mind that I will be able to cook things in a spacious kitchen, rather than having to shoo Eli out of the area when I want to open the oven door... I haven't registered how simple laundry is going to be! As it is now we have to go to my parent's house every weekend and do 3-4 loads at a time, hang around and wait for them to dry, then fold the whole bunch into 2 big plastic bins, drive them home, and haul them up 3 flights of stairs. During which they get incredibly wrinkly because everything is stacked in.
Being able to hang a dress up fresh from the dryer is an experience I have yet to..experience.
And that is just the beginning.

But those are still imagined and planned things.
Until yesterday, when a sofa helped bolster the reality of owning a house.

We finally found one we both loved and bought it! Can you imagine, you just walk into a store, test the merchandise, and say "we'll take it!" and lay the money down??
Well that is precisely what we did.
I found the sofa on World Market's website and it looked great--one of those L shapes with a corner, but not too big (the ones we have seen everywhere else are fit to hold a family of 10), a great color, and it looked comfy.  All the reviews attested to the above, so we dropped by during lunch and plopped down on the floor model.  It is firm but nice, and our asses will break it in to our liking. Oh and it was 20% off.
So we bought it! Now we're just trying to figure the logistics of picking it up from the store (they don't deliver).
Buying it and walking out of the store exclaiming "OUR FIRST SOFA!!!" (everything we have had previously has been an old hand-me-down) made it all sink in.

We got a house and we're going to be LIVING IN IT.
Maybe I'll be used to it by this time next month..? Which, by the way, will be a time when my best friend will be in my actual presence. Rather than a floating head over FaceTime, or my phone vibrating with a text from her.  We don't get to see each other often, and cheers our wine glasses in person (rather than clumsily knocking them against our computer cameras), or hug for real instead of just greeting or consoling with words, and we can dance! And shop! And go to Las Vegas together! We are going to live up those 3 weeks, Torie.

And by the way, I solved my dilemma (which I wrote about yesterday).
If I let the coffee cool I can use a regular big straw. It isn't ideal, as I still can't get as much coffee in my mouth with one sip as I can drinking straight from the cup, and I like to sip my coffee piping hot, but if I want to save my crappy enamel, this is my best option.  So frabjous day, there it is.

Feliz Viernes!

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