Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dental Implant Removal

Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles!!!
Yes, this is an occasion to quote Fiddler on the Roof because it is really, truly, a miracle.

I just have to share my exciting news very quickly ------
My surgery was yesterday, they removed the last post and.. I am already feeling extraordinarily better!
This confirms that the entire problem was a
severe allergy. I have health issues, yes, but I am not in as bad a shape as I thought; the majority of my symptoms that have left doctors clueless (oh, the agony of being a "medican mystery") over the last half a year can be traced back to those damn implant posts!

Over the last 6 months I've had:
--severe constant ache/pain at the implant site
--muscle/joint aches
--constant headache that often became a migraine
--Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
--Frequent nausea (sometimes to the point of dry heaving)
--Severe swelling of the face (my left cheek, near the implant site)

When I woke up from surgery yesterday, even through the bright blur of the drugs, my first though was My headache is GONE. I've had this headache SOLID for the last month. We were very nearly friends, I knew that headache so well. I could always depend on it being there.

I came home from surgery and crashed for a few hours, took my Percocet, and was shocked at how energetic I felt (those drugs usually make me a vegetable, or a sleeping vegetable). The pain in my jaw was gone! Even after having surgery on it mere hours before! All of the above symptoms are dwindling away. Today I marvelled at how the swelling I've had for 2 months on my cheek is almost gone (pictures to come).

I cannot believe I've been living in this much misery for this long, all caused by this simple allergy to nickel/bismuth/atrimony. Thank God it was diagnosed and I got those posts OUT!
I feel like a new woman.

Now time to go watch some old Bette Davis movie, ice my face, zone out on painkillers, and smile...because I can fully smile now without it being painful, or my face looking dreadfully lopsided.

Special shout out to my hubby, family, and bestie Torie for being by my side (in FaceTime spirit, ha ha) for these difficult months.

Oh frabjous day!

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