Monday, April 30, 2012

Transfiguration Today

What would your Patronus be?
Not to copy Hermione or anything, but I know my Patronus would be an otter. When I learned what a Patronus was, I instantly thought "OTTER!!" And then later in the book, when Hermione's turned out to be an otter, I was like "bitch...."  But I love Hermione and am similar to her in many ways, so I don't mind that we share a Patronus. I think hers is a river otter and mine is a sea otter, so we'd be able to distinguish between the two if there were ever a crisis.

What would your Animagus be?
A lion. I love lions, albeit fearfully. They are majestic creatures that fascinate me! I am a Leo through and through, and always wear a gorgeous lion-head ring with a ruby in its mouth that was my Dad's. I would love to be able to transform into a lion, and can think of several instances where it would come in handy...

What character are you most like?
As mentioned above, Hermione. I am bookish, bossy, was definitely a teacher's pet, and I am blessed with an academic mind. I get along best with boys, am loyal to my friends, and don't run from a fight. And I would totally have gone underground, and helped form Dumbledore's Army. She is flawed, but I love her. I can only hope we are as similar as I think....though there are moments when Eli will smile wryly and say "babe, you are so Hermione."

I have a little bit of Luna Lovegood oddity in me as well, and Ginny's fiery temper and sassiness. 

Who are your least favorite characters?

Bellatrix Lestrange.
She killed my love, Sirius Black! I just hate her, which is a credit to Rowling's writing. She is so insanely foul, joyful in her wickedness, and just so menacing! And she has this weird sexual tension with Voldemort, which is wrong on several levels. Let's be honest-- they probably had twisted, evil sex at some point. In a cemetery. 

Her cough. Those cardigans. The cats. Her simpering immorality. Ew. Hate that bitch.

Gross. He should have stayed a rat and died in a sewer. He had too nice a death after the kind of life he lived, the people that he hurt. I've noticed that I have this bizarre quirk: when I am very disgusted with someone's behavior, I subconsciously associate them with Wormtail!! I only recently realized that I do this. Weird, huh?

Favorite Magical Creatures
Pygmy Puffs (I want one!!), Boggarts (oh the lessons we could learn from them) and...well, House Elves shouldn't really be classified as Creatures because they are so similar to humans (see, I'm going all Hermione again!! S.P.E.W. my friends!).

Who Would You Chill With at Hogwarts?
Definitely not Cho Chang. Skank.
I could hang with Ginny, but I would get sick of her boy-crazy escapades pretty damn quick, and Ron is just so temperamental... I imagine I would make the rounds like Harry-- little sessions with Dumbledore, eating chocolate with Lupin, wasting a rainy afternoon with Hagrid over dandelion juice and rock cakes, and ending my evenings in the Gryffindor common room, cozied up by the fire with a book and pumpkin pasty.

Favorite villain:
Severus Snape. Because he is a villain, even though he isn't. And his death scene brings me to my knees every time.
Also, I love love love Alan Rickman.

Favorite professor:
McGonagall. Pure badass, and looks good doing it. I adore her!!!! And when shit goes down at the Battle of Hogwarts and she is all shazaaaam!!! it just confirmed what I already knew. She is the best. And the fact that Maggie Smith did her pure justice in the movies makes it that much sweeter.

And on that sugary note, this concludes today's Harry Potter post.

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