Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Diary of Anders Breivik

Oslo after the attack of July 2011.
This absolutely broke my heart. I have spent some time in Olso--gorgeous harbor city--and have 2 former roommates near and dear to my heart that both live there. 

The guy that caused this
is a complete nut job, this we know.
He looks like this:

Before he was a psychotic murdering bastard....

And after.
A bit eerie, right?

He says he did it because he was
protecting Norway from Islamification.
Norway!! Islamification! Is it just me or does he sound like a crazy fundamentalist Tea-Partying American?! One of those who stereotypes and condemns all Islamists based on the small radical, dogmatic faction of them (that have only come to be in the last couple decades) instead of the monotheistic religion that believes in loving and serving God (gee, that sounds like Christianity!! The word “Islam” actually translates to “voluntary submission to God”) and has been around a couple thousand years.  Yes, “Jihad” is one of their six pillars of faith, but it originally and actually refers to the internal struggle against temptation (sinfulness, the devil, etc.) and not bombing non-Muslims.

The term "Jihad" has been tainted by militarized Islamists, kind of like how Hitler took the swastika and turned it from an ancient symbol used by numerous cultures (Buddhists, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, Celts, Native Americans) to signify well-being, luck, peace, and magic, into a terrifying thing that now means something else entirely.

As we know, Anders Breivik is a complete nutter. He is a pudgy, smirking, self-righteous, intensely focused nutter that thinks it is acceptable to bomb a public street, and then go to a Labour Party youth camp to gun down more, killing 77 people (Norwegians!!) to protect them from Islam. Yep, killing your countrymen is going to keep a non-radical culture that isn’t even trying to take over from getting them.
Makes complete sense, right (can you tell I’m rolling my eyes as I say this)?

He also says he is a member of the ancient secret society Knights Templar and his deadly act was an “anticommunist” (WTF?!?!) resistance to multiculturalism (which, in brief, is integrationist philosophy—the whole “melting pot” ideal that has kept cultures alive in our modern world).

In his own words, what he did was "the most sophisticated and spectacular political attack in Europe since World War II" and something he would not hesitate to do again "because offenses against my people and my fellow partisans are as many ways as bad." Um..okey dokes, that make any sense to you?
Of course he believes Islam is substandard to Christianity and that it cannot co-exist with the democracy of the West (kind of sounds like Herman Cain…).

He won’t plead guilty because what he did was a “necessity.” Man, this guy scares the poop out of me! He actually wrote a f*($^*&g insane Manifesto that this book is part of (don’t read this after 7pm, you will not sleep, for terror that people that actually think this way are living in your world).

Brievik is so systematic in his thinking (and writing) and comes across as highly educated (making him appealing to those who aren’t) and in these ways, among others, he reminds me of Hitler.
I’ve read some of his journal entries years before his attack and they go something like this:
“I am required to build a capital base in order to fund the creation of the compendium. I don’t know if I will ever proceed with a martyrdom operation at this point as it simply seems too radical. My plan A is to attempt to acquire 3 million Euro, in which case I plan to establish a pan-European organizational platform that will attempt to grow organically as a support organization which will distribute a “legal version” of the compendium.If I fail to generate the specified amount I will move forward with the operation, in order to market the compendium that way.”

“I just bought Modern Warfare 2, the game. It is probably the best military simulator out there…”
“It’s a shame I have to purge my 5000 Facebook contacts. It took so much time and work to acquire all those contacts and I get the feeling I’m purging a little piece of my life, lol. But I did get what I came for after all; every individuals email address.It is still too snowy and cold to initiate the acquirement phase (acquirement of weaponry and armour etc)...”

The month of the attack: “I wonder if it is possible to acquire specialized "aggressiveness" pills on the market. It would probably be extremely useful in select military operations, especially when combined with steroids and ECA stack...! It would turn you into a superhuman one-man-army for 2 hours!<3”

The diary has comprehensive details on how he planned everything, built his bombs, etc. (I don’t think that they should have allowed the bomb-building part to be published online, for obvious reasons). Brievik planned this for about a decade. And was very precise and strategic and patient in his preparation…like Hitler. He also had no fear of losing his life (like Hitler) and didn’t plan on surviving the attack.
He scares all hell out of me. I'm not a huge fan of the death penalty in most cases but...we know he did this  purposefully (and the diary entries are evidence of extensive planning and determination to carry it out), band still believes it was right (and would do it again). We need to get rid of him so he can't do it again. After all, Ted Bundy escaped prison to murder more women, and he seems a bit dopey compared to Brievik.

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