Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Non Sequiters

Did you hear... Wal-Mart is being investigated for a bribery scandal!? They may have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which is no mean feat.

I have an impromptu potted herb garden! When Eli and I sit out on the patio I munch off of my edible little plant friends.

I am counting down the minutes until my Spicy Green Curry arrives for a delicious lunch.

Mel Gibson went on an anti-Semitic rant...again. Is anyone surprised? It was recorded and now Mel is up in arms, claiming that releasing the audio to the public violates his "basic human right" to privacy.
I don't even need to state my response to this hypocrisy--we're all thinking it.

It is hot in Salt Lake. And the air conditioner at our apartment is broken, of course. "Maintenance is on the way!" is not reassuring when you live in a sweat box and they can't give you any sort of time frame.

I love the show Dorm Life, on YouTube, WAY too much.
They are selling George Washington's own copy of the Acts of Congress, printed for his first year as president. It has Washington's personal annotations in it. WTF?!
I have one of those dreadful post-nasal drip drip drips going on.  Maybe the curry will help.

19 minute phone holds suck. They suck bad. Thank you, Delta Airlines.

Intelligent, self-driving cars are going to be a reality soon--and hit the roads! This scares the hell out of me; as if we weren't dependent enough upon technology. The robots are going to take over...

I have a deep love for office supplies. And organization. Even though I'm not really..ahem..organized. I believe in DISorganization: Things aren't neat, but I (most likely) know where they are!
If only I could transfer my office managing skills to our poor little apartment...AKA the Cluttered Heap We Live In.

So they're having a Titanic festival in Belfast, where they built the ship. Normal.
Not normal? They're having a concert, hosted by MTV, on the slipways where the Titanic was launched.

Curry is here! That is all for now!

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