Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Utah (wo)man am I !!!

Let me preface this by saying
Whew, feels so good to get that off my chest.

Now let's get into it.
I love the University of Utah.
Not just because my husband graduated from there, my mom and brother both went there, and my great grandmother was one of the first women to get a degree from there, but those are definitely a few good reasons why.
It is a great school. They do marvelous things there.
And Eli and I still love to go mosey around campus because it is so beautiful, especially in the autumn, to stroll around that campus with its bizarre hills and staircases and hundred year old trees.

And BYU...well.
Yes, it is a nice school, as great programs, and also does wonderful things.
But they don't serve coffee on campus.
Girls can only have one piercing on each ear, guys can't wear beards, and open homosexuality is banned. It is kind of like another planet, where men must wear shoes at all times and everyone is decaffeinated.
But the main reason BYU can go suck a coffee bean is because of the way thy treated me mom.
A non-Mormon, she started college in South Dakota, did some schooling in Paris, and finished her degree at BYU. She liked it there, and was very active in campus life.
And being a conservative girl from a small town, everyone assumed she was LDS.
When she won the Belle of the Y competition (like Miss America, for BYU), part of her winnings was an interview with the Prophet of the LDS Church.
The next day, in the school paper, the headline was that the Prophet had declared my mother
In class that day, one of her friends turned to her and smiling innocently said "I didn't know you were a heathen!!"  Ew Ew.
And it was considered a SCANDAL that a non-Mormon had won Miss BYU, so they

Hearing this story as a kid, my hatred of BYU was born.
And when I was considering going to BYU for a law degree, I learned that if I were caught doing something in violation of the honor code, like having a beer, or making out with my boyfriend in public, ZAP--I would be kicked out.

So you see why this is a big deal rivalry to me: I love the U, and I hate BYU (most fans love the U so much it causes them to hate BYU, but I have my own reasons on the side).
The rivalry here is so intense they call it The Holy War.

It has been a crazy football season so far for the U,
and the rivalry game was only the 3rd one they played this season.
And it was the craziest football game I have ever seen.
Eli and I watched part of it at the bar at WingNutz, wolfing down wings with Heineken and screaming louder than anyone in the joint.
I was eating peanuts too, and when I snapped one open, I got some shell in my eye.
It stuck right to my contact, over my pupil, and I could not get it out!!
So we had to leave around halftime, which was fine since we were tired anyway (the game kicked off at 8pm and ran until midnight).
We finished watching the game in bed and we were going wild!
The fans rushing the field, the fans being kicked off the field, BYU getting another shot and flubbing it, the fans rushing the field again, and finally...BYU's kick hitting a upright.
It was incredible. A nail-biter.
And the Utes won!! But BYU's fans are teeming with excuses as to why we don't deserve it, as usual.

But both teams played well, which is what made it so fun to watch, and a definitive rivalry game!
Now for the gloating....

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