Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wedding Day Revisited

Last weekend my hubby and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary!
What a hell of a year it has been, full of more highs and lows than years usually are, but one that only brought us closer than ever.
And although we are considered pretty young to be married (well, we fit right in here in Utah), we've now been together for 8 years total.
And miraculously our "honeymoon stage" has never ended!

We celebrated by going to Farmer's Markets, the State Fair (always a good idea until you get there), and returning to the log cabin restaurant where we were married for an insanely delicious feast.

Park City Farmer's Market, running right down historic Main Street!

Brunch at the Eating Establishment, complete with mimosas and the crossword.

Utah State Fair

We absolutely loved our wedding at Log Haven.
One of us mentions it on a weekly basis! It was heavenly. Despite the downpour that threatened to ruin it! We like to think this is why our marriage is so badass; the rain.
In many cultures, rain signifies blessings, unity, cleansing, and prosperity (think about the basic significance of rain--it provides essential moisture, helps crops flourish, etc.).
Rain makes things grow.
And Indians, in particular, emphasize the notion of "tying the knot."  A wet knot in rope is much more difficult to untie than a dry knot, so they believe if you are wed in the rain, your knot is wet and therefore your relationship is stronger.
And boy, did we have rain!
We had rain at my bridal shower (it had to move indoors), returning from the bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas, at the wedding, and there were several tropical downpours on our honeymoon in the Caribbean!

Our wedding at Log Haven was in the outdoor arena, where the wedding party came down a grassy tiered amphitheater to end up on a patio with the mountains in the background (we were married up a local canyon).  The reception was also outdoors, but thankfully they had an awning that covered the porch for the reception.  The staff had a backup plan--we could be married in the reception area, but we held out.  I really wanted to walk down that long grassy aisle, rain be damned.
And so we waited.
They plied our guests with potstickers and dolmathes (our appetizers of choice) and cocktails.  And we waited... I was in my wedding dress, and thus trapped in the bridal room dancing out my nerves with my bridesmaids and sipping white wine.
The staff was patient and it all worked out! An hour and a half late, they dried off the seats and I sashayed down the aisle, getting my dress all muddy, of course.  Good thing I was wearing my trusty cowboy boots! It was a hell of a gig, and though things "went wrong," we were flexible and just so happy to be getting married that any problems were minor.

There was beer and cupcakes and we danced until midnight.  Our wedding was just so us.

It was gorgeous.
And the food at our wedding...sweet fancy Moses.
It is the best food I have ever tasted.
Which is why we were so stoked to revisit the place and have another dinner (at our wedding we scarcely had a chance to eat the roast chicken with mashed potatoes and veggies!).
And it was just as good if not better.

We both had the surf and turf! Sweet succulent lobster...mmm...

The patio where it all happened! My dress is from Mango.

1 Year Baby !

After stuffing our faces to oblivion and blissing out on our favorite wine,
we came home and collapsed with Sleepless in Seattle, debating whether or not
You've Got Mail is better, or equally great.
Now that's love!

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