Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Epic Rap Battles of History!

Have you heard of these guys??
They make hysterical and historically accurate videos.
Like this:
Check em out!
My friends and I love these guys--so much so that oftentimes we could be having an incredible, raging party--rocking out to the best music, sipping one of my famous iced cocktails mixed in a giant, potent batch (observe the "Holy Grail jug" in these images...can you find it??)--and we end up plopping on the carpet and spending 40 minutes watching all of the videos, discussing them in giggles, and then watching them again!

We are raging fans.
Mainly because historians are pegged as boring nerds, and these videos prove otherwise and give us history kids some street cred.

Anyhow...they take suggestions for their next battles and I have been sending them emails for MONTHS begging them to do a JFK version.
I know it would reference him being a man-whore that gets his head blown off, but hey, it is all for the sake of fun!
And I sent them several requesting JFK vs Nixon, which is funny because it was an ACTUAL battle of history--the election--but they didn't do nearly as much name-calling and opponent bashing then, so I feel this rap is particularly necessary!
My best friend Torie also contributed to the barrage of requests we sent them.

And this morning, on their Facebook, was a little hint that in a few days' time, a new battle is coming out...and it may involve JFK and Tricky Dick!!! Aaaaaaaaaahhh! SUCCESS. (We hope and think). 

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