Friday, September 7, 2012

Ignorance is king. Many would not profit by his abdication.

OMFG! Democrats hate God??! 

Isn't it terrifying when people get all riled up by an advertisement or some blurb of social media (like those damned tweets) and stand behind it without doing their research?
It is so blindingly ignorant. And as Walter Miller, Jr. put it,
"ignorance is king. Many would not profit by his abdication."

CASE IN POINT: That "ad" (if you can call it is more of a melodramatic accusation against the Democratic Party) that Allen West (the insane "Rock Star" of the Tea Party) put out.
His zealous conservatism makes a vote taken last night at the DNC tantamount with Peter denying Christ 3 times.

I have seen several unfortunately well-meaning but ill-informed people posting this video and commenting on it and getting all worked up, like the Democrats are camped out at Golgotha with a spear in one hand and a burning copy of the Constitution in the other chanting "NO GOD NO!"
And the worst part is, they perceive themselves as politically active, helpful campaigners, and some kind of skewered members of the Intelligentsia. And even worse than the worst part... they LIKE being benighted and predisposed. They don't want to get the whole story because it may contradict their lovely little convictions about how evil and wrong the "other side" is.
Which is something else that gets on my nerves, while I am on this rant;
the political spectrum is always portrayed as a straight line and you're on one side or the other, like good old fashioned warfare.
This is NOT how it should be; it should be non-linear.  There aren't "other sides" or people facing off, there are people standing next to one another that all want good things for our country, and just have different thoughts on how to achieve them.

Anyhow, this terrible video making the rounds on the internet today portrays the Democrats saying "NO" 3 times, one right after the other. Blasphemy!!
And many Republicans are wagging their fingers at the Democrats going "didn't you learn this lesson in Bible School?!?! Don't you know what happens to those who deny Christ?!" 
And I fear (and have has this proven to me already) that most people supporting this view don't know the score.

So here is the video in question:

And the truth behind it:
The Democrats were revising their platform, specifically on the issue of God and Jerusalem.

As is routine, the new party platform was adopted, and it was all good until critics (guess who) pointed out that the document left out the term "GOD" and didn't designate Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Nevermind that Obama's position on Jerusalem is the same position that has been accepted by all presidents since 1967, and namely accepts it as the capital of Israel.
Nevermind that not pointedly and somewhat spuriously including "GOD" at random insertion points in the platform is not an indication of atheism.

And so they proposed amendments to the new party platform--including "God" and specifically citing Jerusalem as capital city.
[And I just have to laugh here, at what God must be thinking about all of this...not being mentioned before, and not needing to be mentioned because this is about politics--they aren't writing a new book of the Bible here--and then having His name tossed in in a few places to be "politically correct." He has got to be rolling around in fits of laughter at this point, right??]

And most people kicking up a fuss on this issue don't even know Jerusalem was involved.

So they take a vote on the amendments, "AYE" being for including "God" and "Jerusalem as capital" and "NO" being opposed to changing it because it was fine before (since, you know, not tediously referencing God in a political document was accepted and not connotative of heresy).
So Villaraigosa, the Mayor of L.A. and big Obama supporter (that I, coincidentally and somewhat irrelevantly happen to not like) takes the vote and does the "all in favor say 'aye', all opposed say 'no'" bit.
And because the crowd's responses were so overwhelming in both cases, he had to repeat it several times (and called for an opposition vote 4 times, not 3, as is portrayed in this ad, in order to make the obvious Biblical connection).

And, most pointedly, the ad is very cleverly edited so that it looks like he just says, 3 times in a row, "all those delegates opposed say 'no.'" When in fact, he was going back and forth between the "ayes" and "nos."
And people are actually arguing today that the "ayes" were the majority, but Villaraigosa exercised his authority as chairman and favored the "nos."
Which would draw us to the conclusion that he is the moron to blame, and not that the entire Democratic National Convention are naysaying Christ haters.
Maybe he just has bad hearing.

So people, please remember, that voicing "NO" several times was in balance to voicing "AYE" several times...since that is how it works when you take a vote.
If you think that publicly declaring "NO" three or more times makes you a nonbeliever, then every political party that ever existing (including you, Tea-Partying Republican Allen West) is guilty of hatin' on the Lord.

And for those of you who really don't get it, the Democrats were not voting against or BOOing God.  They were voting against/BOOing an AMENDMENT to their party's platform.  Have you heard of public freedoms and the ability to express oneself politically?
NEWSFLASH: People shouldn't be judged on their religious beliefs because of who or what they vote for.  

The "NOs" are not a repartee. They are not an ecclesiastical reference.  They are part of the political process and if you can't handle that, then get the hell out and share your biased, uneducated rants with your bathroom wall.

And also, please note on the video post on YouTube, posted under AllenWestForCongress, the description says :

Allen West is leading the fight against the radical left's attack on God and Israel. Join the fight by contributing $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or $25 here:

Uuuh...Do I even need to talk about motive here?
"The Democrats are heathens and I need your help to raise up Jesus once again in America! Please write your $1000 check out to Allen West, though you may have no idea who I even am.  But they hate Jesus! Send money now!" 

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