Friday, September 28, 2012

Tommy Boy Drinking Game


If you know my hubby and I, we're Tommy Boy fans.  Hell yes.

We both came into this marriage with an equal appreciation for the movie, and with our powers combined...!!  My voicemail alert is even "fat guy in a little coat."

So last weekend, when we wanted to party it up without actually leaving our apartment because we were a bit tired, and trying to save some dough...I was like "40S AND TOMMY BOY!"
and Eli was like "YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!"

Let me share a brief clip to help get you stoked, in order to better understand our stoked-ness:

"New guy's in the corner, puking his guts out!"

So we went to Bueno Fun Central (aka the liquor store). But this time I was not wearing my Cowboys jersey and short shorts, like last time (another story for another day) because I wanted to go incognito so the creepers would not recognize me. It worked.

And we got that nasty Olde English 800 shit (It seems so ridiculous that they add an "e" to if that makes it a distinguished, tasty merely adds to the pompous disgustingness of it).
And had a 10 minute discussion with the liquor store clerk about a drinking game called "Moose Head" that he was very gung ho about, yet unable to explain in a succinct and logical manner.
All that I got was something to do with an ice tray...?

And then we went home and the drinking game began!

  • Drink whenever - - - - - 
  • Richard insults Tommy
  • Tommy says "shut up Richard"
  • Tommy says "son of a!"  "that's gonna leave a mark" or "holy schhnikes!"
  • someone says "Big Tom" or "Tommy Boy"
  • someone mentions brake pads
  • there is any damage done to Richard's car

There are plenty of other options, obviously, but when you get into it, the fewer rules the better. And these are enough to make it work!

By the time our favorite scene arrived, we were pleasantly tipped and re-enacted it at the top of our lungs.  It strengthened our love.

And then we had this conversation:

ELI:  "uuugh Olde English crap! What does the "malt" even mean?!"
MARE:  "I know, it's damned awful."
ELI:  "It's the aftertaste that is so killer."
MARE:  "Yeah, it is as though they tried to make a honeyed beer and forgot to put the honey in.  So they threw in some Splenda packets after the fact."
ELI:  "Ewww Splenda! You're so right! That would account for the chemical aftertaste!"
MARE: "Yeah Splenda is gross."

and this conversation:

MARE: "Well he's a damn sight short of a linebacker."
ELI:  "What does that even mean?!!"
MARE: *thinking*....."I have no idea."

ELI: "Did you just scratch your nose with that pretzel?"
MARE:  "Why...yes, I did.  It was strange, but oddly satisfying."

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