Friday, August 16, 2013


Guess what we are up to around these parts...
You have the perfect shade in mind and then you go to the pain sample section and WHAM.
It is like being in a Skittles factory and learning there are 600 flavors instead of the 10 you knew about.  And they are all up in your face, making your head spin.

And who is responsible for coming up with these paint names?
What the ridiculous?
Just because a shade is in the blue-ish family does not mean it can only be named after ocean-related things.
Same goes for green and plants, and yellow and sunshine.
There are only so many things that can be named after sunshine.

My names for these colors would be:

Blue Raspberry Lollipop
2 Day Old Bruise
Undiscovered Planet
1982 Eyeshadow
Bathwater Surprise
Bobby Kennedy's Eyes

I think we can all agree I would ROCK that job.

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