Monday, August 26, 2013


My co-worker has coined the whole motor-boating into a woman's ass that Miley performed last night:

We have to make this crap stop.  Not just because it is disturbing and shouldn't be broadcast (way to go MTV, censoring her drug reference of "dancing with molly" and then allowing this instead), but because it impacts culture and people on an individual basis in a ways we might not even recognize.

This is not talent.
It's a nationally broadcast train wreck and what's with the tongue, Miley????

“Sexualized portrayals of women have been found to legitimize or exacerbate violence against women and girls, as well as sexual harassment and anti-women attitudes among men and boys.  Such images also have been shown to increase rates of body dissatisfaction and/or eating disorders among men, women and girls; and they have even been shown to decrease sexual satisfaction among both men and women.” -via

"Beyond the internal effects, sexually objectified women are dehumanized by others and seen as lesscompetent and less worthy of empathy by both men and women.  Furthermore, exposure to images of sexually objectified women causes male viewers to be more tolerant of sexual harassment and rape myths."  -via 

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