Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Thursday

This is what my morning has consisted of.....

Far too many Hi-Chews!
Have you had these things? They aren't quite gum or quite taffy or quite swallowable candy, but rather a mixture of all of the above that you can't put your finger on. Or say no to.
Sometimes strawberry is my favorite, but I am feeling particularly sassy today, so I'll say GRAPE.

I unknowingly matched my lipstick to my shoes.
Kind of amazing, right?

Admiring my cute new birthday charms.
My bestie got me the birdcage and my dad got me the Harley! Which is not a Pandora charm, but fits perfectly and adds some dirty hellian attitude to my previously-far-too-feminine bracelet!
I love the contrast of the two next to each other.  It sums me up as a person, in microcosmic-charm-bracelet form.  Because don't get me wrong, we are not objects and cannot be captured by them, but it is also kind of the point of a charm bracelet.  And everyone thought I was being weird and old-fashioned when I said I wanted one 2 years ago but now they get it and have really enjoyed picking out fitting charms for me.
I have yet to buy one for myself.  And that is how I like it.

We are leaving the office in an hour or so to go to a wedding luncheon.
One of my oldest good friends, Jeff, is getting married! I can hardly believe it!
I've known him since 6th grade and he was the one that introduced me to my future husband, Eli.
So I am overjoyed and excited that he has found his Person.  They are being sealed in the Temple right now (the Mormon way of marriage, learn more here).  I am bummed that Eli and I are not allowed to attend the ceremony, but respect his and his future wife's beliefs, and we will celebrate with them afterward!
And then back to work for finish out the day, to market to get some fruit and veg, and then chicken pesto pitas for supper.  And.... THE NEW EPISODE OF BREAKING BAD! I am going nuts trying to figure out how this beloved show of mine will end.  Walter will die, clearly, he must... But who will kill him? I doubt it will be the cancer, but that will certainly spur on his bad behavior... Will Jesse do it???

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