Thursday, August 8, 2013

this one goes out to the one i love

it's Eli's birthday.
happy birthday honey. i love you, i really do.

it's been a weird morning. not off to a good start. i have some kind of tummy lurgy that is mostly from stress but that doesn't make it any better and i sneezed all over my coral blouse and i think it looks kind of gross, and also smells suspiciously like one of those disgusting tonsil stones.

but this really helped things along, this video here. full of men that i love (Colbert himself, Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, etc.). not to mention he POPS OUT OF Henry Kissinger's closet. what are the psychological implications of that?

and now i suddenly find myself listening to Harry Nilsson, which just doesn't usually happen.
but it makes me feel strangely zen.

this is all to say it has been a rough week and i can't wait for it to end so i can properly celebrate with my husband who i love.

you are smart, funny, adventuresome, caring, ambitious, and handsome.
and many other things.

i love you for so many reasons.
some of them being:

Because you are a Roman God (that tans exceptionally well)

Because you are a marvelous Uncle and will someday be a kickass father

Because you are ever-so stylish. As seen here in my hat...

And here in the infamous wolf shirt.

Because you'll always consent to take photos with me, even if you make this goldfish face that I despise.

Because you take care of me and push me around in my wheelchair.

And don't disparage my "unique" outfit choices.

You are going to be a handsome old man, husband.

Because you can put up with my strange and unpredictable personality.
That sometimes calls for 1am reenactments of Bobby's World in someone's garage in the middle of a lightning storm.

Because you'll blow up my floaty. Even if you have to persuade a friend to help you.

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