Monday, August 12, 2013

what i did at work today / start wearing purple

i had some strawberry oatmeal first of all and is it just me or has it always had those neon red chunks in it? i know it had the chunks but they never looked that artificially vibrant until this morning when i was leaning against the concrete wall, hiding in the stairwell, so i could just enjoy a peaceful monday-morning moment and i went "holy crap, batman, my oatmeal looks like a dog chewed up a baby's plastic toy and threw it up in this bowl.'  icky i know. and yet somehow i finished it.

then it was up to the first floor for my morning cup.
well, the kaffeeklatsch has been a bit too preoccupied with stupid stuff (mostly work) to fit my coffe-brewing needs. remember we grind the beans fresh right there! and oh they smell like heaven. so imagine my disappointment, in my disgusted post-neon oatmeal coffee mood, to catch a waft of fresh beans and then see that the first pot of the day had already vanished.
i swear they brewed 3 pots today (mondays people) and i only got my cup from the last pot, and it was the last cup, and it was right before lunch! which is way too late for my first cup of the day.

and then i disclosed on some loans, you know, and explained a high price issue to a cranky loan officer, listened to one guy sitting near me argue on the phone with his mother, and another girl argue with her ex-boyfriend, and i listened to some death cab to block it out.
transatlanticism is still their best record, hands down.

i trolled my news sites and did a little spazzy jig in my chair every time i saw mention of the new breaking bad episode that came out last night and had to put my left hand over my right hand on the mouse to steer it away from clicking on those articles!!

and i planned what i am going to eat tonight. i kept drawing it out in my mind. "okay, we will leave on time, and maybe even a few minutes early, and then we jet home, and make the quickest supper ever, and put on the last 2 episodes of breaking bad for a refresher before we watch the new one! but we need to go grocery shopping and i don't want to cook up anything... maybe we should stop at panda express and just grab some delicious din-din there, and then we can be eating yummy chinese food and watching breaking bad super duper fast!"
i do so want to try their new shanghai angus steak and grilled teriyaki chicken... but being the good kids we are, the hubby and i vow to only eat out once a week and we would be wasting our eat-out on monday! the very first day! plus, have you seen how much panda's prices have gone up? i know it is a long shot from when they first opened up in my mall and you could get a 2 entree meal for $5 something... nowadays you're dropping $20 for 2 people to eat and for that we could go to a nice sit down restaurant and get some decent soup. aaaah well... does panda tempt you like that?
it is such good, sticky comfort food.  it makes me salivate.

so then i had a frozen teriyaki rice bowl for lunch and it did not satisfy me, what with all that talk about panda express. eli and i planned out the trip we are taking to san diego this excited! i get to show him my favorite haunts...mission beach, the tide pools, la jolla, coronado island....

then i disclosed on a ton more loans--i am working quick today! and then the hubby told me that he found out he has to stay late to replace some blade thing for the company server.
there goes my dream of skidding out of here a few minutes before 5 and eating supper in front of breaking bad by 5:30...

i listened to gogol bordello and when "start wearing purple" came on i realized i AM wearing my purple button down today and i was holding a purple highlighter! so i took this photo to document the moment. if only my eyes were that twinkling violet like liz taylor's. that has always been a fascination of mine.

i read a few more news articles, thought about why alfred hitchcock movies are so freaking bomb and how sad it is we don't have films like that anymore. then i thought about how scary the conjuring was. and how much my ankle hurts since i twisted it yesterday doing yard work and where on earth could my ankle brace be? packed up somewhere no doubt. and wrapping it would shore it up and also cover it up since those bruises and swollen patches look icky with my black high heels.

then i read the lackluster review my boss gave me. she said it is my year review and wrote that on the document but i have not been here a year...? and it had some funny typos in it.  clearly she cares.

then i daydreamed about breaking bad and how it could possibly end.
and wondered if i should dip my fingers in that stuff they put on kids to keep them from sucking their thumbs (i can't stop gnawing on my hangnails).
then i listened to the commencement speech robert redford (oh, bob, you luscious old hippie) gave at my alma mater and remembered how pissed i am that i missed it to help my father-in-law move. and i remembered how much i miss my college and higher education and intellectual conversation in general... and yearned to go back to school. i want to be a teacher, and need to look into online courses to get certified so i can get my butt in gear and start on it while i am still working.

then i figured while i am getting my mental butt in gear i should get my physical butt in gear and googled exercises you can do at your desk while working and let me tell you they are weird and impractical, unless your office finds it totally normal to sit on an exercise ball in your pencil skirt.

so here i am, pining to escape in about 20 minutes, but knowing it could actually be two hours more, wanting panda express so desperately, and getting all worked up to see breaking bad.
but a blt will make a good sandwich if i can't have panda, and the anticipation will make finally sitting down to breaking bad all the better. now if i could just stop biting my hangnails in impatience i would be on the right track!

which is better "breaking bad is back and there are only 5 episodes left" food?
panda express or blt?

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