Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Don't Think...


Julian Assange should be granted asylum, and I hope they are able to extradite him to Sweden.
I Don't Think what Assange has done is comparable to Daniel Ellsberg.

I Don't Think Kristen Stewart's cheating and Miley Cyrus's hairstyle should be such front page news.

I Don't Think standing near microwaves is wholly safe. There is something creepy about those radio waves pulsing through that little metal box.

I Don't Think people read books anymore.  In this day and age they go for 5 minute articles and skimming magazines rather than camping out in an armchair with Hemingway for a few hours.

I Don't Think people understand just how much Elvis derived his music from the hits of black musicians.  He was a means by which whites could listen to black music...made by a white guy. So politically correct.  As Robert Walser put it, "many Americans wanted black music without the black people in it."

I Don't Think highly of people that deny global warming. They are idiots.
My family just returned from a cruise to Alaska, where they saw the Mendenhall Glacier, which won't be around much longer.  Look at the scary difference that happened over only 17 years!

I Don't Think the true peril of the Cuban Missile Crisis is appreciated, particularly today.  Students perceive it as "that one thing between Russia and JFK, and Cuba was involved in there somewhere..." rather than being a breath and awry political statement away from nuclear war.

I Don't Think modern fancy XBox and other such games with incredible graphics even compare to the original Nintendo (I'm talking NES and Super) games.  I'll take Bubble Bobble, Paperboy, Mario, and DonkeyKong any day over Modern Warfare 3 and Halo.

I Don't Think socialized healthcare (such as NHS) is as great as everyone thinks.  The crap they've put my best friend through in the UK is a testament to that.

I Don't Think parenting is as good as it used to be.  Remember growing up when we could be away from our parents and still behave well because of how they raised us (and we were afraid they would find out and we would be in trouble)?  That is rare today! People are letting technology raise their children and it is scary.  The hands-on teaching and discipline is gone.
When I go to the pool and hear 11 year olds screaming slurs at each other that I didn't even know of until I was 18, and see 5 year olds with their own iPhone, and 10 year olds dressed like 17 year olds, I shudder.

I Don't Think The Great Gatsby will ever get old.

I Don't Think I should have to spend 3 hours on the phone with my medical insurance trying to explain issues to them 6 times over because they aren't listening to me...and I have already called 4 times about the same issue.

I Don't Think Everclear should be sold legally.

I Don't Think people should make such a fuss about a political candidate's stance on abortion.  Even if someone gets elected president, they can't just legalize it or ban it.  I understand some voters may perceive it as a way to judge a politician's values, but the crux of the whole abortion debate is that it is a personal choice.  Period.  I don't think it should even be brought up.

I Don't Think the hypocrisy surrounding the death penalty is considered much.  This isn't me saying I am for or against execution, this is me being bewildered at the way we treat prisoners we are going to kill.  Like the Last Meal concept; we serve a prisoner any food that they want, fulfill their wishes in a gesture of sympathy, only to take their life the next day.  It clearly has something to do with Christ, and the original "Last Meal" but it is so bizarre and obviously has more to do with clearing the conscience of the executioners than anything.  And using an alcohol swab on the prisoner before they are lethally injected? Why!?!

I Don't Think I will ever own "too much tea."

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