Monday, August 13, 2012

Rolling with the punches

What a week this has been!
We celebrated Eli's birthday in style, I was made an auntie (again!!) and get to meet my new nephew tonight, hit a new high score on my bowling record (128!), went for a gorgeous hike around a gorgeous lake, and got emotionally socked in the gut.

I don't have the time or energy for details now, but I will give you the basics:
I finally have a diagnosis as to what is the main source of my health problems as of late, and have been going through a healing process with that, which will be ongoing. It demands everyday strengths that are mentally painful and difficult, and involve conversations I have never had before.

But I can feel myself growing stronger through it...almost as though I can feel my emotions flexing new muscles! Isn't that strange?

And through this newfound strength I was able to sever ties with a friend that hasn't been a real friend as of late, but I kept hoping things would get better. She is going through a lot herself and though I tried to help, she kept pulling away and I was always the one initiating the friendship.
Those closest to me knew what was going on, and tried to nicely tell me that it was time to end things because her selfishness was wearing on me, but I just wouldn't listen.
It is more complicated in that, but far too much to explain on here. And too depressing.
When I tried to talk to her, she was instantly aggressive and on the attack, and that confirmed that it was time to let things fall apart.
And I feel better for it.

Whew! Enough with the heavy shit, here are some recent pictures.

Oh, and I golfed on a legit course for the first time, at sunset, in Park City. It was amazing!

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