Monday, August 6, 2012

Things you didn't know about Jack

I should be cleaning/cooking/being productive, but instead I'm doing this post.
It won't be long, just a quick minute to squeeze in some details on JFK that your life may be missing.

He was a Gemini.

He didn't want to be president, he wanted to be a professor. He loved English.
   But when his older brother Joe Jr. died flying a WWII mission, Jack was expected (and pressured)    to fill his shoes. And because his father, Joe Kennedy had always wanted to be Prez but couldn't, it fell on Joe Jr. And then to Jack (and after Jack's death, to Bobby).

His undergrad thesis was published as the book Why England Slept. He remains the only president to win a Pulitzer.

He was a war hero.

He had Addison's disease and severe back problems, and was in pain most of the time.
He was actually wearing a back brace when he was shot, which prevented him from being able to better duck after he was initially struck in the throat.
It was this pain that also kept him from being able to pick up his children, which caused him much grief.

He pioneered the Peace Corps.

He was the first (and still the only) Roman Catholic to be elected.

He never carried cash with him.

He was the 2nd president with the most pets (coming after Teddy Roosevelt).

He loved daiquiris.

He usually swam twice a day in the White House pool (which was kept at 90 degrees per his request).

His highest rating as president came right after the Bay of Pigs invasion, when he hit 82%!

He was a fatalist and always knew he would not reach old age.  
He predicted his death several times.

He strongly advocated for civil rights and social welfare.

He was going to dismantle the C.I.A.

Well I must dash. Don't you feel smarter now?

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