Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Ex-Boyfriend Birthday Facebook Miracle

I will be brief.
But I just need to share this now.
A Facebook Miracle has just occurred!!

When I get on there I don't ever notice the panel on the right, that tells you about people's birthdays. I depend on my phone to bring up reminders so I can get on someone's page and post a birthday wish.

Well Francis (my iPhone)'s alarm for my good-friend-that-happens-to-be-an-ex-boyfriend's birthday today went off at 4:15 and I was like "CRAAAAAAP!" so I hurried and got on his page and was scrolling around looking at all of the birthday wishes he had received (popular guy) and I saw one from me.
And not just a birthday wish, a link to a card.  It says "I created a Special Birthday Card for you!" (yes, Special capitalized).
And it was posted at exactly midnight--right when his birthday struck.

I love celebrating birthdays and sometimes I stay up late, but not that late. And I'm not that fastidious about time and the whole "You're going to be a year older in 3..2..1!!"
I wasn't awake at midnight last night! And I didn't post that card!
I thought maybe it was a weird app that had downloaded, so I went to another 2 friends of mine with birthdays today and...nothing.

It only sends Special Birthday Cards to ex-boyfriends. On the stroke of midnight.
A Facebook Miracle.  Jesus has taken a hand in social media.


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